” A Loving Place “

a loving place

As I lay comforted within my mommy’s womb, I feel her
every motion as if she step’s to an unheard tune.

I just know she’s taking me somewhere special today,
She seem’s to be more relaxed as if she is happy and gay.

It’s not going to be too long before I go out into the world,
maybe then I can stretch out and let my little toes uncurl.

Mommy’s laying down now it must be time to rest, I too
am tired and feel that I am truly loved and blessed.

I see something shiny just glancing off my face,
I wonder why it’s here rushing toward my base.

I feel something touching my tiny little toe’s,
grabbing at my leg’s and pulling as it goes.

I finally get to breathe air by God’s loving grace,
and boy I can’t wait to see my mommy’s gentle face.

Someone is grabbing me with a forceful hold, I
never knew the world could be so awfully cold.

I can’t see any light yet but something’s hurting my little
head, God said the world would hurt me and soon I would be dead.

My life was just beginning to awaken a lost friend, then
something took hold of me and made all my moment’s end.

I’m warning all the other’s not to go to that ugly world, for
your mommy won’t allow your little toe’s and fingers to uncurl.

In this loving place are angels singing and glad that I am home,
God embraces me in love and tells’s me I am not at all alone.

God hold’s my little shoulder’s and give’s me a precious
look, He tell’s me He is sorry and He closes my Life’s Book.

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