My Blessing!

My Blessing!

My Blessing!


Years ago,
A prayer answered,
“God, Please give me one child!”
Then a Blessing from God,
You are so precious, Jessi!
a pretty baby girl,
with a pretty smile,
and those cute little red curls,
you are my angel,
sent just for me,
I will never ever let you go,
You are always in my heart,
for you are my little girl,
Now your time has come,
for your gift to enter our world,
I am so glad God gave you your gift,
of a precious baby girl,
a pretty baby girl,
with a pretty smile,
and same cute red little curls,
She is your angel,
And a part of me,
I will never ever let you two go,
You will always be in my heart,
with unconditional love,
for you both are my little girls,
For years ago, when God promised me one,
I could never have dreamed, One would become Two!
You see Jessi, that is how our father in heaven works!
God always gives us more than we ask for, You and Kayden are proof!
My Heart’s desire filled and overflowing, from a prayer, answered years ago.

Dedicated to my Beautiful daughter “Jessica” and all my grandbabies! I just believe and have faith my cup will keep overflowing! My family just welcomed “Lil Sophia” on Sep. 7th. Thank you God! Revised 10-6-2010


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