Last Night

boy crying

Last Night I saw a boy and it made me cry
as He put His hands on His face and asked God why
why did you let this happen, how could you let it go this far
how could you let it get to the point where I questioned who you are
You saw when I did this, and You heard me when I said that
You have the power to do so, and yet You didn’t let Me turn My back
as God began to deal with Him and He struggled to hold on
the memories of things against God He had done were preventing Him from moving on
I saw a Girl last night who became distracted with Her call from God
while She looked at the things She thought mattered most, Her vision the devil had robbed
She asked God how could you let this happen when your vision for My life was so clear
You told me what I was going to do and where I was going to go, how I could tread upon serpents and not fear
now I’m grown up and My life has changed from when You gave Me the vision back then
but You are God and You have the power to do so and You, in My life right now, didn’t allow the vision fit in
as God began to deal with Her as She struggled to move on
She remembered what God had promised Her, and how She choose with life to carry on
the first thing God said to them is “why are you picking on me
I gave You morals and standards to live by, but then You complained that you weren’t free
I saw You when You were doing this and I heard You when You were saying that
but with the free will, I gave You I knew You would fight back
but now that You’ve come to the place were You feel like You can’t go on
now that You’re exercising Your free will and that choice is to come back home
and now that You’ve realized My promises are yea, and amen
the vision that I once gave You are still Yours to reclaim again
so next time you lose Your strength or get carried away with the things of this life
remember I died for those very reasons and I’m still and will always be here whatever you decide”


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