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Just To Be Close To You

By Susan Niswonger / yesterday

My dad passed away September, 2001 and my heart still hurts with longing every time I think of him.  Dad’s 74th birthday is Sunday and our family holds the memories of his last earthly birthday year.  All of his kids and grandkids made the trek down to Doniphan, MO with no anticipation that this would […]


A Different Occasion

By Susan Niswonger / a day ago

My 4 year old granddaughter loves a party.  She views every occasion as an opportunity for a party.  Her parties always include cookies or cupcakes, candles, balloons, and fancy hats.  These occasions are fun and create memories that we will look on with fondness for years. One of the definitions of occasion is a convenient […]


If You Don’t Trust The Monitor, Unplug It!

By Susan Niswonger / a few days ago

Our grandsons, two-year old Caleb and two-month old Nathan stayed with us while Steven and Jenesa enjoyed a four day anniversary trip.  Caleb is an old hand at staying with Grandma and Grandpa.  He knows where I keep the toys, the step stool in the bathroom, his toothbrush, where his blanket is in his room […]


Who Really Cares Anyway? God Cares!

By Nathan Stanford / 6 days ago

Who Really Cares Anyway? God Cares! I had a friend that I ran around with that always had a “don’t care” attitude.  In his mind, it seemed to me, he felt more macho if he pretended not to care what others thought about him or the things he did. We all know that no matter how […]


Naked And Don’t Know It!!!

By Susan Niswonger / 7 days ago

Isaiah 61:10 I will greatly rejoice in the LORD, my soul shall be joyful in my God; for he hath clothed me with the garments of salvation, he hath covered me with the robe of righteousness. I am at church playing the piano, everyone is singing and acting as if nothing is out of place, […]


The Spirit of Excellence

By scott phillips / last week

The Spirit of Excellence In preparing for my midweek message on last week the Lord directed my study to the Book of Daniel. It seemed that highlighted in the text was this trait attributed to Daniel, that being that he had an excellent spirit. I began to look deeper into this and found that this […]


Prayer for Addiction

By Debra Jones / last week

Lord I am seeking you, my tears are flowing, my heart is broken  and my burden is deep. Addictions has rose up and claimed the life of one and on the heels of the other. Addiction not only destroys the user it seeks to divide and  destroy the family as a whole, the community and […]


Defining Moments

By Jennifer Beusse / last week

Psychologists often debate the theory of nature versus nurture. Do children obtain their moral and psychological fiber through genetics or from their surroundings? I believe that every person has a series of defining moments that shapes their character and belief system. Defining moments are occurrences in our lives that derail us and demand a reaction. […]


It’s Hammer Time; Tearing Down Walls!

By Debra Jones / a couple of weeks ago

It’s Hammer Time; tearing down walls! As a Christian there are many times  I have been lead on a mission going about my father’s business. The thing that allows me to be lead and used as a servant of God is my openness and willingness to serve my father.  I am an imperfect individual who […]



By Debra Jones / a couple of weeks ago

  Trust is hard for me, as most humans, we have all faced betrayal many times from the people we love or have loved. Betrayal usually does not kill you, yet when the act of betrayal comes, it is blinding flash, of gut wrenching, extreme nausea, sometimes life altering, that can stop you in your tracks, and […]

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