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It’s a New Thing

By Tammy Parrish / yesterday

  Ouch! It’s the New Thing Behold, I will do a new thing. Wow, what a statement. What excitement it brings, until it comes via the form of adversity. Many times, in listening to many people, they ask questions, “Why am I going through this?” “What have I done?” Or the statement is made, “I […]


Grammie, What A Lifesaver!

By Pauline Berger / a couple of days ago

I scooted to the edge of my pew, I was trying to catch her eye.  I knew if she saw me, that would be all I would need to accomplish my mission.  She turned her head toward me and just as I knew she would, she motioned for me to come and sit by her.  […]


The Process of Giving Birth

By Sheri Boulet / a few days ago

As a Labor and Delivery nurse I don’t often get to see the stages of labor played out before my eyes anymore since most of our patients opt to have an epidural which allows them to be in relative comfort for the most part until the birth. But the other night I had a beautiful […]


Nothing Stops Them Like a Browning

By David Underwood / 5 days ago

Recently my John Deere tractor would not start.  It had totally quit running.  There is nothing worse than seeing such a fine piece of farm equipment that bears such a fine name to sit there idle and not work.  Running, it had the possibility of “moving mountains” (although a little at a time), and it […]


Can God Trust You?

By Don Doran / last week

Deut 6:10-16, And it shall be, when the LORD thy God shall have brought thee into the land which he sware unto thy fathers, to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob, to give thee great and goodly cities, which thou buildedst not, And houses full of all good things, which thou filledst not, and wells […]


Back From The Ends Of The Earth

By Sheri Boulet / last week

I could not tell you when the last time was that I took a few days just to do something I enjoy…scratch that…I CAN tell you. We took a 4 day weekend and went to New York with the kids in May and before that it was a year ago when Bobby and I snuck […]


Cain’s Unrighteousness

By David Underwood / last week

Land of Nod (East of Eden); “nowd” (Hebrew), to wander, exile, flee or disappear. Cain’s offering was rejected and his brother’s (Abel) was accepted before the Lord.  Cain became “very wroth” and later slew his brother.  And the Lord cursed Cain.  It is said that Cain went out from the presence of the Lord and […]


If the River Leaves You, You Die

By scott phillips / a couple of weeks ago

If the river leaves you, you die. At one time, Rodney, Mississippi was the largest port between New Orleans and St. Louis. You would never know it today because there are only a few reminders of a past of greatness. It is actually called a “Ghost” town because it has been forgotten and left by […]


It’s Your Choice

By Sheri Boulet / a couple of weeks ago

Several years ago I was in a situation where someone I was very close to was constantly miserable. And in response to that, anytime I was around that person, guess what? I was miserable, too. I hate miserable!! Finally, in a fit of desperation, I confronted the person… “If this is the way you want […]


God Wants You To Love Yourself

By Carol Clemans / a couple of weeks ago

Did you know God wants you to love you?  You might want to argue with me and say, “No, we are supposed to be humble. Loving yourself is selfish!”  My response, “No it’s not!”  Let’s see what God says to do. I remember Jesus was asked, “What is the greatest commandment?” He immediately responded, “Hear, […]

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