If the light of this morning had ceased to shine

If the light of this morning had ceased to shine


If the light of this morning had ceased to shine,
If I suddenly found out I no longer had time,
If my days grew long and my nights grew cold,
If strong became weak and young became old,
If words ceased to inspire and courage turned to fear,
If your voice never again softly breathed in my ear,
If love turned to hate and joy turned to sorrow,
If dark became infinite and hope dies tomorrow,
If faith ever fails and hands become useless,
If emotions turn frigid, indifferent, and ruthless,
If my walk turned to crawling, if my speech became hoarse,
If my wisdom stopped growing as age travels its course,
If ever these things were or if ever these things be,
If we couldn’t yet before we should now clearly see
If there was not a Heaven, if there was not an Earth,
If I never once mentioned how much to me you are worth,
If God was not here, or His light we couldn’t see,
If all this be true, then what purpose have we?


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