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Three Dimensions of Truth

By scott phillips / yesterday

“There are three Dimensions of Truth …Experience, Doctrine and Fellowship.” On Wednesday Night during prayer the Lord spoke this concept to me. “There are three Dimensions of Truth …Experience, Doctrine and Fellowship.” I heard it over and over as I prayed. I studied this and developed into an article. May it be a blessing to […]


An Engagement Ring From God

By Susan Niswonger / a day ago

Yesterday was Earth Day.  There were celebrations all over the world to increase the awareness of our responsibility to the environment and its preservation.  My sister reported that she ate at a restaurant that served food in the dark, the grocery store was promoting the use of canvas bags and many trees were planted.  I […]


You Might Be A Redneck

By Sheri Boulet / a few days ago

So, I have a love for vehicles. I get this from my father. I have been dreaming of the day I can cruise through town in my Lexus, driving in comfort and style…aaahhhh….how nice it will be. Last weekend my husband came home with a truck he was test driving. And after looking at another […]


Do Da Math?

By George Nava / 7 days ago

Do Da Math   John 6:9  There is a lad here, which hath five barley loaves, and two small fishes: but what are they among so many? that is not enough for so many people.”   John 6:11  Jesus took the loaves of bread and gave thanks for them. Then he gave them to the […]


The True Measuring Stick

By Don Doran / last week

Good morning and happy end of the week to you! We, by nature, are prone to compare ourselves to someone else to determine our status. I know mom and dad that I got a “D” on that assignment, but Johnny and Jimmy and Susie all got “F’s”! I know, officer, that I was going 10 mph over […]


Man Received God’s Blessings

By James Thornton / last week

  MAN RECEIVED GOD’S BLESSING: God completed the environment with the creation of man, who not only reflected His image but who, praise God, also received His blessing. Genesis 1:28. “And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the […]


If it was wrong in 1850

By Susan Niswonger / a couple of weeks ago

The Bible is very clear in naming the evil and sin that transcends generations and cultures, however, every generation defines evil and sin in their own terms.  Generational and cultural sins usually have to do with new or changing ideas, expression or technology.  We make laws with specific definition and police the vice until the […]


Do People Look At You Strange? Are You a Gaijin?

By Martin Schmaltz / a couple of weeks ago

When I minister in other countries, there is this barely perceptible, but yet real emotional maybe psychological thing that happens when I return home.  It seems that when I arrive back at the first major U.S. airport, there is this sigh and relaxation that passes through me. As I am making my way to immigrations, […]


Right Priorities

By Don Doran / a couple of weeks ago

Good morning! From the time we are small children there are certain things that are drilled into our minds as being important. Meals or food. We eat several times a day. Huge buildings are dedicated to selling food; eating places and advertisements are everywhere. Clothing is seen as a status symbol more than a covering. […]


Its time to believe

By Steven Lewis / 3 weeks ago

We have heard it time and time again, “Don’t look back”, but we keep on turning our heads to see, and if not our heads our minds, and if not our minds our hearts.  Jesus is soon to return and each and everyone of us is going to have to give an account for what […]

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