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”The Uproars in Our Lives”

By Lynne Conley / a day ago

”The Uproars in Our Lives” Scripture Text: ‘’Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts’’. (Psalms 139:23 KJV) The storms of life come upon us, and everyone will at some point in time experience them. We can rise above them by setting our minds and our faith toward the […]


When The Heart Murmurs

By Sheri Boulet / a couple of days ago

When The Heart Murmurs When my nephew was born many years ago we were told he had a heart murmur. Immediately we became concerned, but the doctor was quick to reassure us that it was probably harmless and he could very well outgrow it in time. I happened to be somewhat younger at that time, […]


Help While You Can

By Lynne Conley / 5 days ago

Help While You Can We have secure locks and deadbolts on our houses, and our vehicles are manufactured at the factory with alarm systems. This is one way that an intruder can’t come and steal everything we have worked hard to buy without them drawing attention to themselves while they are breaking the law. In […]


My Desire

By Danny Naglowsky / 6 days ago

Who are we? What is our purpose? What can I do in order to repay for what you have done? Can I be used? – These questions were once formed in the minds of many youths. We want to do everything in order to serve our heavenly father. God, I want to be used in […]


God Turns Our Darkness Into Light

By James Thornton / 7 days ago

God Turns Our Darkness Into Light By, James L. Thornton In The Beginning, God Created The Light To Illuminate The World And Dispel The Darkness: “Darkness was upon the face of the deep” Genesis 1:2. In the beginning, there was no dawn to end the night, no sun to warm the day, no moonlight reflected […]


”The Road to Emmaus”

By Lynne Conley / last week

”The Road to Emmaus” The beatings and the pure humiliation Jesus went through just for us. Our minds can’t comprehend the love He had for all mankind. There were two men on their way to Emmaus. Jesus was walking beside them and asked them what they were talking about on their journey. Cleopas and another man didn’t […]


Instrument of Freedom or Historical Document

By Susan Niswonger / last week

Instrument of Freedom or Historical Document The powerful first line of the Declaration of Independence jumped off the page as I reread one of our most valuable documents. When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume […]


Fit for the Pew?

By Satrena Green / last week

Fit for the Pew? Today’s Bible Reading:  Acts 7 – 13 Scriptures that stood out to me: Acts 13:42  “And when the Jews were gone of the synagogue, the Gentiles besought that these words might be preached to them the next Sabbath.” Acts 13:44  “And the next Sabbath day came almost the whole city together […]


A Word For God’s Young People

By Daniel Elmore / a couple of weeks ago

First and foremost, this wicked and sinful generation needs a group young people that are on fire for God. We as Apostolic Pentecostal Young People must commit everything to God. We are the Church of tomorrow, so we can’t sit around and dabble in the world, thinking that there won’t be a major consequence. This […]


Where Is God?

By Marvin Hinds / a couple of weeks ago

Where is God? How many times have we asked that question? It’s easy to look to God with a paintbrush of blame instead of approaching him with humility and helplessness. In our revealing of life, we forget about God.  We may attend church and give something in the offering plate, but beyond that, there is […]

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