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“Draw Near to God”

By / a few hours ago

God wants us in His forever fellowship. That’s why He sent His only Son Jesus to the cross to pay our sin penalty and be raised from the dead so all who turn from their sins to faith in Christ as Lord, truly devoting their hearts and lives to Him, are forgiven and given an everlasting relationship with Christ that we couldn’t otherwise have because of our sins and His holiness.


No Regrets

By Lynne Conley / a couple of days ago

No Regrets We all have been injured by someone’s cruel words. Down deep in the heart is where the harsh words remain, and will eventually come out. Many times someone’s cruel words can and will linger in our minds. We will rehearse it in our minds over and over again. An old cliché ‘’ we […]


Deny Self and Go

By / a few days ago

Now, mind you, everywhere He has sent me I haven’t wanted to go, He has blessed me immeasurably in the way of opportunities to grow in His image and to love and worship and serve Him and to love and serve others. Not to mention He has blessed me in other ways also – even when it’s been tough to go and tough to stay until He’s moved me on.


It’s Not Easy

By Janae Stanford / 5 days ago

It’s Not Easy It’s not easy when you see someone you know or someone in your youth group not in church and wondering where they are. The days you go to church and hoping you will end you seeing them be there and sometimes their not there at all. When you do see them at […]


A Wolf and a Warrior!

By Debra Jones / 6 days ago

A Wolf and a Warrior! Be aware all you unbelievers, there is a ravenous wolf who is on the prowl, He is coming to you in Sheep clothing’s; he disguises himself as your friend. And he comes to the light. He does not want to eat you, he is seeking to destroy you, stealing you’re […]


The Beauty in This Day

By / 7 days ago

Trouble with us humans is some of us especially myself have a tendency to focus on what we don’t like, what’s missing, what isn’t there, what makes us uncomfortable, on our challenges, on circumstances we’d prefer to do without, on the bad weather, on the season we don’t like, on our hurdles, obstacles, etc. When we do this, we don’t just miss the beauty of God’s bountiful blessings He bestows upon us each and every day. We miss the beauty of the Lord Himself!


Anti-Christ Conspiracy Theory?

By JW Mills / last week

There are many scriptures which cause us to pause and consider how to interpret them. Some theories are probably more than just theory. Several scriptures in the Bible have troubled me throughout the years until God began to open my spiritual eyes to the spirit of anti-Christ and the condition of the pseudo-Christian religious world. […]


Reposition Yourself

By / last week

Mr. Simeon puts his trust totally in me. Having me in sight at all times is exceedingly important to him. So much so that I either need to lift and move his body for him so he can lie on his bed facing me. Or he may even try himself to shift his head and body enough to get me in view. Mr. Simeon must reposition himself or be repositioned in order to be content. If he finds that his focus is not on me, he wants to be repositioned so that it is. Not all the time, as he does love his naps and such. But much of the time!


Let’s Be Babies Again

By Lanis Johnson / a couple of weeks ago

Let’s Be Babies Again A new baby was born to the household. It had been almost thirteen years since that had happened. As the baby was brought home and placed in its bassinet, Bess made an immediate request. The parents were apprehensive to leave Bess alone with her little sister, Bess was a gifted child […]


Living the Dream?

By / a couple of weeks ago

The young man’s words were pretty telling, weren’t they? That’s exactly how I lived for decades. Living MY dream. For MY enjoyment. For MY pleasure. For MY satisfaction. For ME. For SELF.

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