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The Benefits of Religious Faith

By Tracie Fritcher Johnson / last month

According to Webster’s New University Dictionary, faith can be defined as a belief not based on logical proof or material evidence. More specifically, religious faith can be described as belief or trust in God. The idea of a greater power is one that lacks physical evidence but is believed by many. People have always questioned what […]


8 Seconds

By Sheri Boulet / last month

8 Seconds I am not a sports fan. At all. But I would watch Rodeo if I had to. I don’t know why it has always fascinated me except that I have always secretly wanted a horse since I was a little girl. When we were bored as children and said to our Mom, “I’m […]


Smarter Than The Teacher?

By Don Doran / a couple of months ago

Smarter Than The Teacher? Good morning! I hope you enjoy your weekend and have a wonderful time worshiping the Lord tomorrow. Isn’t it amazing how wise the brilliant minds of the world seem to be? Yet when it comes to things that really matter they come up short. “I have more understanding than all my […]


The Genealogy Of Jesus Christ

By James Thornton / a few months ago

The Genealogy Of Jesus Christ By, James L. Thornton ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Contents~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1. Introduction 2. The Christian Religion Centers In A Personality 3. Jesus Is Man Of Very Man 4. This Genealogy Tells About His Ancestry 5. Jesus Tells About His Family 6. How We Become Part Of His Family 7. A Member Of The Heavenly Family […]


The Real Church

By Martin Schmaltz / a few months ago

In today’s society, if you were to ask “What is a church?” you would receive a myriad of responses. Many will define it in the context of a denomination.  Some will speak about a purpose of “saving” the “lost” and preparing ourselves for an eternity in heaven. Still, others view the church as a social […]


It’s All In How We View The Storm

By Don Doran / a few months ago

We might all see the same thing but when we tell what we have seen there will be very few times that two stories are the same. We each view an incident from a different perspective. So is it with the storms of life! We each have a different perspective on each storm. It is […]


Our Hearts Desire

By Lynne Conley / 6 months ago

Our Hearts Desire When the angel Gabriel first appeared to Mary, he didn’t explain the plan of God for her life.’’ And the angel came in unto her, and said, Hail, thou that art highly favored, the Lord is with thee: blessed art thou among women”  ( Luke 1:28 KJV) The definition for favored is: […]


Blessed is the Peacemaker

By Lynne Conley / 7 months ago

Barnabas was a resident of Cyprus, a Levite. His parents called him José’s, but the apostles called him Barnabas. He owned some land which he later sold.  He gave all of the earnings to the church in Jerusalem. ‘’But Barnabas took him, and brought him to the apostles, and declared unto them how he had […]


The Reflection

By Monique Bryant / 8 months ago

When I look into the mirror, The fear begins to rise. For on my face, I see the trace; The reflection never lies. And the memories seem to haunt me, It’s hard to face the truth. While the task to wear another mask; Has been there since my youth. And as I gazed into the looking glass, I […]


Are You For REAL?

By Sheri Boulet / 8 months ago

I attended a funeral this week for a man that I deeply cared for. Distance has kept us from becoming as close to him as we would have liked, but we did love him. It grieved me to watch his family deal with the loss, but they did so with grace and strength. As usual, […]

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