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I Refuse To Give Up

By Virginia Fields / a couple of months ago

I Refuse. I refuse to give up. I refuse to let the devil win. I refuse to give up the ground I’ve worked so hard to gain. I refuse to let myself be weakened and prone to attack and failure. I refuse to believe Satan’s lies that I’m not good enough or spiritual enough. I […]


I miss my time with you…

By Tracy Gimpel / a few months ago

Years ago, Larnelle Harris wrote and sang a song entitled, I Miss My Time with You. Recently, I have found myself slacking more and more in my time with the Lord. Granted, I had enough excuses. My life has become full and almost too busy. With four kids between the ages of 12 and 20 […]


The Reflection

By Monique Bryant / a few months ago

When I look into the mirror, The fear begins to rise. For on my face, I see the trace; The reflection never lies. And the memories seem to haunt me, It’s hard to face the truth. While the task to wear another mask; Has been there since my youth. And as I gazed into the looking glass, I […]


Jesus the Promise

By Phyllis Corbin / a few months ago

Jesus the Promise ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Author Unknown I had on new clothes New sneakers on my feet. I was there for class on time Went to the back and took my seat. Yeah I’m moving up I’m already grown. Soon I’ll be graduating And out on my own… I talked to some of my friends We […]


The Land of the Free

By Diana Alvarez / a few months ago

The Land of the Free Written By Diana Marie Alvarez The irrefutable declaration to the world was announced A call to fight for a cause yet ready to be elucidated With pride a young fatigue-clad soldier pledged to fight Stood with Teutonic grace upon his weight He boarded his plane; a metamorphosis took place A […]


Accidentally Changed

By Shayna Buchan / a few months ago

Accidental Change My head was jolted up and down, I awakened from my slumber. My heart was beating wildly, I screamed and then went under. My eyes quickly fluttered open, Watching the snow fall to the ground. In a mass of twisted metal, The smell of death lingered around. It wasn’t real I would not believe, […]


The Creature

By Nathaniel Richards / 6 months ago

The Creature:   The pillars of life Crumble Before mine eyes. They dissolved Into a cloud Of opaque dust.   All I have saved for Is gone from me It had been rudely snatched From my grasp, It has been and will remain Stolen.   The dust which was My life, Engulfs me: Its appetite […]


The Melody Of My Soul

By Lisa Peter / 6 months ago

The Melody Of My Soul (Lyrics and Poems Vol 1, Page 7) I had 100 reasons not to pray I had so many things to do every day I had places to go I had people to see There was work to attend to Time spent on me I always meant to find the time […]


God Gave Us You

By Sharon Arnold / 7 months ago

God Gave Us You (for Pastor and Sister JosephDomingues) We turned to you as children, alone, in Nineteen Hundred Ninety-Six; We sought for love in your honored eyes, rejoiced to find reflected in our own, a new flame, and faith to dance in this new place! And what we saw in growing wonder, Our eyes […]



By Lynne Conley / 8 months ago

Stability Here are 10 ways God can be your stability in unstable times… God greets you every morning with new mercies, begin there; God has given you access to His mercy seat, pray there; God has set your feet upon a rock, stand there; God has placed you in His vine, abide there; God has […]

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