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My Blessing!

By Debra Jones / 4 weeks ago

My Blessing!   Years ago, A prayer answered, “God, Please give me one child!” Then a Blessing from God, You are so precious, Jessi! a pretty baby girl, with a pretty smile, and those cute little red curls, you are my angel, sent just for me, I will never ever let you go, You are always […]


It Does Matter

By Roger Potts / last month

It Does Matter You thought it didn’t matter how you lived your life. You thought no one would see, or they wouldn’t care. But it does make a difference, in how you live, for God sees and knows all that we ever did. You thought you’d always have time, that God would surely wait. You […]


Ultimate Restoration

By Danielle Hollinger / a couple of months ago

I am very excited; this is my first blog entry on this website!!  I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts, dreams, experiences, and inspirations with others.  It is my hope that my words will be a blessing to others. I used to write another blog to keep family and friends updated when my husband was deployed […]


If the light of this morning had ceased to shine

By Thomas Spurgeon / a few months ago

If If the light of this morning had ceased to shine, If I suddenly found out I no longer had time, If my days grew long and my nights grew cold, If strong became weak and young became old, If words ceased to inspire and courage turned to fear, If your voice never again softly […]


Tears For You

By Savannah Ellis / a few months ago

Tears for You   I remember the painful day you died. I remember the buckets of tears I cried. It seemed the entire world fell apart that day. I felt like I was losing a friend along the way. You were so close to my heart, So close and so dear, I never wanted to […]


Do You Feel Like Dancing?

By christy Bahr / a few months ago

Do You Feel Like Dancing? Did you ever feel like dancing on the devil And driving him to defeat In the midst of your trial, turmoil, temptation, or test Taking and trotting him under your feet Can you feel the heel of your foot bruising his head With every victorious leap Can you feel the […]


Life’s Open Sea

By Deryk Lambert / a few months ago

Life is like an open sea It just keeps going and going You try to explore and make it through But here is where the storm is sure to brew It drowns you in your own sorrows and mistakes Chipping away at your life piece by piece And piece by piece you’re realizing your mistakes […]


Wasting Time!

By Debra Jones / 7 months ago

I am sitting here wasting time Wasting Precious time, as it goes by, Not sure of who I am, Or what is inside Thoughts fly through my mind, careening on an endless path, Needing a destination, going no where fast. Soaring, watching from a distance To keep myself safe Afraid to stand, to step out […]


I Sing Because of Who He Is

By Sheri Boulet / 7 months ago

Because He is my everything… Because He is always present… Because He has never let me down… Not because I am talented… Not because I want praise or adoration… But because I Praise and Adore Him… I sing because He holds me in His hand… I sing because He is My Jehovah Jireh… I sing […]


Cover ME, Lord!

By Debra Jones / 7 months ago

I will dwell in you Lord Always resting in your shadow My never ending refuge Only in God will I trust I will dwell in you Lord Cover me…. Beneath your wings As I wait on you Lord Still beneath your feathers Cover Me… Cover Me…… There is no fear Covered with your wings I […]

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