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One Choice

By Shayna Buchan / a few days ago

One Choice What were your inner feelings, What did your tender eyes see? What were your deepest thoughts, When you fell down to your knees? Did you feel hope deep down inside, Or did you feel your doom? When you prayed His will to be, Knowing death was coming soon. Did your passion push you […]


When Death Comes

By Sheri Boulet / last week

It comes quickly Even when it is expected It steals in And provides an ending To some one’s story When death comes Hearts cry Tears run hot Not for the life that is gone But for the life that is left behind When death comes It catches you Unaware Even if you have waited Holding […]


” A Loving Place “

By Della Moses / a couple of weeks ago

As I lay comforted within my mommy’s womb, I feel her every motion as if she step’s to an unheard tune. I just know she’s taking me somewhere special today, She seem’s to be more relaxed as if she is happy and gay. It’s not going to be too long before I go out into […]


I Need You

By Danny Naglowsky / a couple of weeks ago

I Need You (Song) ..::Interlude::.. ..::Verse 1::.. With all the sins in my life, With the shame, I hold inside And darkness in my life My soul longs to dwell beside you To be surrounded by your grace and your mercy All I could say is ‘I need you’ ..:: Verse 2::… With the world […]


The Storm

By Monique Bryant / a couple of weeks ago

The Storm It’s a bitter-sweet emotion in the middle of a storm. When the elements are torture and you’re trying to get warm. You think your breath is fading; you feel you’re going to smother. The desperation in your heart is unlike any other. The tempest shows no mercy; the waves smash upon the ship. […]


The Cost of Love

By Della Moses / last month

The Cost of Love Ask me and I’ll tell you what the price of love did cost. For my Jesus paid in full so your souls would not be lost. My heart has a rhythm that gently beats and pulsates. My soul has a hunger for an eternal loving mate. I was created for a […]


God Gave Me A Pastor After His Own Heart

By Marc Wood / a few months ago

God gave me a pastor after His own heart Who has preached to me the word of God Right from the start From the direction that you give I will not depart Thank you for being my Pastor After God’s own heart Thank you for being a prophet Even when what you say seems odd […]


Psalms 27:10

By Danny Naglowsky / a few months ago

Psalms 27:10 (rap) Danny Naglowsky ..:: Verse 1::… He never knew what hit him All of his struggles came by Came by like a mighty wind Came by and knocked the wind out of him It was like, something he never dealt before Never imagined happenin’ It was something new Something unreasonable Something out of […]


Lifted Up

By Roger Potts / a few months ago

Lifted Up Feeling discouraged and blue, can’t get up on my own. Then I remember to pray, to praise; the darkness leaves as light enters my mind and soul. God’s spirit finds its way into my heart, and gladness, joy take control. Musical laughter in my life, as angels rejoice for the renewing received. God […]


The Altar Call

By Christy Miller / 6 months ago

THE ALTAR CALL The week was so long, The battles were rough. I needed my God, His spirit to lift me up. The preacher was done, It was time to pray. It felt so right, To be at the altar that day To reach out to see, If my hand could touch His. To believe […]

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