Don’t Give Up the Ship


Don’t Give Up the Ship

We are on the sea of life – our ship is firm and strong.


sailing smoothly now – but the storm will come here long

So hold to your post of duty – although the storm may rip

Look straight ahead and don’t look back – and don’t give up the ship

This ship is not a new one – it’s as old as the sea it sails

It’s had many a rugged sailor – it’s been through many stormy gales

But it’s in our hands today – so take a firmer grip

Let’s ground our hopes in Jesus – and don’t give up the ship

There are Moses and the prophets – all sturdy true and brave

Just look what trials they went through – this good ole ship to save

They were stoned and sawn asunder – but to the truth did grip

They were loyal blood proof sailors – they didn’t give up the ship

They left it to the apostles – who took it over with love

After Jesus gave the instructions – and endued them with power from above

Now if they had lost a battle – or failed the storm to whip

We’d be poorly lost seamen – on a sea without a ship

But they battled Nero’s chop block – the cross and the jailor’s whip

They had their hearts determined – they would not give up the ship

And now it’s up to you and me – we’re on the last relay

To take her through let’s do our best – and hear the Savior say

Well done thou good and faithful – you’ve made a glorious trip

Thanks to all the loyal sailors – who didn’t give up the ship


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