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Della Moses

I feel that the Lord Jesus called me to write poetry in order to teach without having to preach. Every poem that I have written was entirely inspired by Him. He gives me the words and I write them. I pray that what I write gives Jesus all the Glory He deserves. I can't praise Him enough for being my God and savior!


” A Loving Place “

By Della Moses / a couple of weeks ago

As I lay comforted within my mommy’s womb, I feel her every motion as if she step’s to an unheard tune. I just know she’s taking me somewhere special today, She seem’s to be more relaxed as if she is happy and gay. It’s not going to be too long before I go out into […]


A Captive of Love

By Della Moses / 3 weeks ago

A Captive of Love We strolled amidst the elutriate fragrant Garden’s, Watching the twilight glistening on the heavenly dew. My beloved Husband sweetly whispers and say’s, “Hold to Me,my precious and I will take you through. There isn’t anything I haven’t seen, nor anything I do not know. Let’s waltz along this moonlit path, woven […]


The Cost of Love

By Della Moses / last month

The Cost of Love Ask me and I’ll tell you what the price of love did cost. For my Jesus paid in full so your souls would not be lost. My heart has a rhythm that gently beats and pulsates. My soul has a hunger for an eternal loving mate. I was created for a […]


Jesus Comes In All Sizes

By Della Moses / last month

Jesus Comes In All Sizes Jesus comes in all sizes… He cloaks us in love and He fits like a glove. When you wash yourself that cloak never shrinks cause if it did…what would others think. We don’t need any fabric softener to make us feel great, we wear Him in gratitude that rids us […]


Just One

By Della Moses / a few months ago

As I walked through the dark streets of Jerusalem, I saw a Mighty Light emanating brightly from a small stable room. Crossing over the narrow cobbled stoned street, I leaned over on the window sill to just quickly take a little peek. The room was lit by a warm embracing glow, that beacon for me […]


Oh, Death Angel Where Art Thou Now!

By Della Moses / 7 months ago

Oh, Death Angel Where Art Thou Now! Distraught by time, wind & rain, Life had been sullen & full of pain. Love has made my sorrows go away, To God be the Glory & I’ll not stray! The death angel bartered for my soul, Never once did my life’s blood run cold. Although he never […]


The Groom’s Name Is Jesus

By Della Moses / last year

The Groom’s Name Is Jesus Why do you say I have forsaken thee through all your troubles and strife, when all along you wouldn’t listen to me..yet knowing I gave you my life! How many times have I approached you and you’ve shrugged me off in disdain, all you could’ve done was let me touch […]