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Della Moses

I feel that the Lord Jesus called me to write poetry in order to teach without having to preach. Every poem that I have written was entirely inspired by Him. He gives me the words and I write them. I pray that what I write gives Jesus all the Glory He deserves. I can't praise Him enough for being my God and savior!


Oh, Death Angel Where Art Thou Now!

By Della Moses / a couple of weeks ago

Oh, Death Angel Where Art Thou Now! Distraught by time, wind & rain, Life had been sullen & full of pain. Love has made my sorrows go away, To God be the Glory & I’ll not stray! The death angel bartered for my soul, Never once did my life’s blood run cold. Although he never […]


The Groom’s Name Is Jesus

By Della Moses / 8 months ago

The Groom’s Name Is Jesus Why do you say I have forsaken thee through all your troubles and strife, when all along you wouldn’t listen to me..yet knowing I gave you my life! How many times have I approached you and you’ve shrugged me off in disdain, all you could’ve done was let me touch […]