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Because He Too Has Suffered

By Sheri Boulet / a few hours ago

My Mama is in the hospital. This has been the theme for our lives over the last couple of years. But this time, something is different. We have seen doctor upon doctor here in our little town. And they have given her the care that they could within the scope of their practice. But it […]


Storms Of Life

By Marvin Hinds / a few days ago

Are you going through a very hard time in your life that feels like a storm? Do you feel trapped? Are you faced with questions and cannot seem to find the answers? Are you franticly trying to work it all out by yourself, and wondering when it will all subside or end? Don’t let go. […]


Let’s Make a Deal

By Don Doran / a few days ago

As a parent I remember times when my children would disobey and the knew I was going to correct them. Often they would, in desperation say, “Daddy, I promise I will be good, please don’t spank me!” They would proceed to make all the promises in the world of what they would do right. “I […]


Be A Lifter

By Susan Niswonger / 5 days ago

Are you a doer or an advisor?  We always seem full of words but lacking in the action category although most circumstances require action rather than words.  The following is an excerpt from the devotional book, Encouragement Changes Everything by John Maxwell. Years ago, I came across a piece about someone who fell into a […]


Where is Your Hope?

By Don Doran / 6 days ago

Where do we put our hope? A question that we each have to answer for ourselves. When the pressure of life builds, where are we going to turn for help? When disease, financial problems, family situations or the multitude of lifes other things happen, how will we survive? “I prevented the dawning of the morning, […]


Are we the stained glass crowd?

By Kaylynn Schrack / 7 days ago

One of my favorite songs talks about the church being too worried about appearances than the lost, and it is one of those songs that grieve my heart, because it is true many times! Believe me I like clothes, shoes, purses as much as any other girl, but at what cost? I don’t want to pick […]


Have You Seen God?

By Don Doran / last week

Have you ever heard of God with your ears? You know what I mean! Have you heard someone say something like, “I remember when I was sick and the doctors didn’t know what to do, I was prayed for and God healed me?” Maybe it went like this, “We were in a great financial need […]


Why be happy with fence riding?

By Kaylynn Schrack / last week

Fence Riding We just finished up with camp meeting and the theme was definitely…”Being Proud to be Apostolic”. But the question is..are we? Someone who is proud walks with their heads up…not prideful..just knowing who they are and being happy with that! We need to be very careful not to lose our apostolic identity! Things […]


Bend Me

By Don Doran / last week

Good morning! I am praying that you have a wonderful day today and enjoy a special blessing from the Lord. I found the Psalmist praying a interesting prayer: “Make me to go in the path of thy commandments; for therein do I delight. Incline my heart unto thy testimonies, and not to covetousness.” (Ps 119:35-36)  Help […]


Timothy’s Burden

By Sheri Boulet / a couple of weeks ago

My mind has been on Timothy. Although it has been reasoned that Timothy was in his 30’s at the time of his conversion, Paul spoke to him through his epistles as one of young age. How it must be when God places that call in your heart. When you feel a leading to do a […]

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