The Melody Of My Soul

the melody of my soul

The Melody Of My Soul

(Lyrics and Poems Vol 1, Page 7)

I had 100 reasons not to pray
I had so many things to do every day
I had places to go
I had people to see
There was work to attend to
Time spent on me
I always meant to find the time
but the days they always flew right by
Oh, 100 reasons.

I had a house to clean
Children to care for
Appointments to keep
A stop by the grocery store
Busy meeting life’s great demands
Caught in the shuffle of times shifting sand
Oh, 100 reasons

But after the fall
I called out to God
He met my need
He cared for me
And now I have 100 reasons

I have 100 reasons to pray
God has blessed me with another day
He saved my soul
He heard my plea
He knows my name
He cares about me
Now I always find the time
An hour of prayer seems to fly right by
Oh, 100 reasons.

I have a heart to keep clean
Souls to bring to the Savior
He saves and keeps
Blessings galore in store
I love Him so
He restores my soul
Oh, 100 reasons!



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Lisa Peter

UPC Singer/Songwriter/Musician. Author of Lyrics And Poems The Melody Of My Soul I, II. Lisa Peter is a Missionary and Teacher. Host of the HazelwoodUSA podcast on itunes. Mother of three daughters, wife of Rev. T. Mark Peter. Lisa is the secretary for the Word Weavers Christian Writers Group in her local community. Other ministres include Nursing home ministry, home schooling, & educational Interpreter for the Deaf. Owner of PenTeenCostal Fashion and Design- Ebay & LisAndLis - Etsy.