The Melody Of My Soul

the melody of my soul

The Melody Of My Soul

(Lyrics and Poems Vol 1, Page 7)

I had 100 reasons not to pray
I had so many things to do every day
I had places to go
I had people to see
There was work to attend to
Time spent on me
I always meant to find the time
but the days they always flew right by
Oh, 100 reasons.

I had a house to clean
Children to care for
Appointments to keep
A stop by the grocery store
Busy meeting life’s great demands
Caught in the shuffle of times shifting sand
Oh, 100 reasons

But after the fall
I called out to God
He met my need
He cared for me
And now I have 100 reasons

I have 100 reasons to pray
God has blessed me with another day
He saved my soul
He heard my plea
He knows my name
He cares about me
Now I always find the time
An hour of prayer seems to fly right by
Oh, 100 reasons.

I have a heart to keep clean
Souls to bring to the Savior
He saves and keeps
Blessings galore in store
I love Him so
He restores my soul
Oh, 100 reasons!



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