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Lisa Peter

UPC Singer/Songwriter/Musician. Author of Lyrics And Poems The Melody Of My Soul I, II. Lisa Peter is a Missionary and Teacher. Host of the HazelwoodUSA podcast on itunes. Mother of three daughters, wife of Rev. T. Mark Peter. Lisa is the secretary for the Word Weavers Christian Writers Group in her local community. Other ministres include Nursing home ministry, home schooling, & educational Interpreter for the Deaf. Owner of PenTeenCostal Fashion and Design- Ebay & LisAndLis - Etsy.


Evidence Of His Unfolding Of The Rose

By Lisa Peter / last month

Evidence Of His Unfolding Of The Rose Throughout my life, the hand of God has been there molding and shaping me into His perfect will.  Bro. Timothy Spell sings a song “When God Unfolds The Rose” and that is where I am getting my title for this blog/article from.  I was born to Pentecostal Parents […]


A Little Country Church

By Lisa Peter / a couple of months ago

Several years ago a woman approached me about being a pianist for the country church that she attended.  When the woman asked me, I didn’t know what to say -because well I am a Pentecostal and the church was a Baptist church.  So I hem-hawed around and told her I would pray about it.  During […]


My 20 Minute Sermon

By Lisa Peter / a couple of years ago

I live in the Bible belt and have now for 10 years.  I have found out through my experiences while living here, that people genuinely do love the Lord and do pray to Him.   I wrote this sermon in hopes that if I ever get the opportunity to speak to everyone irregardless of their denomination […]