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I Sing Because of Who He Is

By Sheri Boulet / a couple of years ago

Because He is my everything… Because He is always present… Because He has never let me down… Not because I am talented… Not because I want praise or adoration… But because I Praise and Adore Him… I sing because He holds me in His hand… I sing because He is My Jehovah Jireh… I sing […]


Cover ME, Lord!

By Debra Jones / a couple of years ago

I will dwell in you Lord Always resting in your shadow My never ending refuge Only in God will I trust I will dwell in you Lord Cover me…. Beneath your wings As I wait on you Lord Still beneath your feathers Cover Me… Cover Me…… There is no fear Covered with your wings I […]


We Are The Peace-Makers

By Lanis Johnson / a couple of years ago

We are the peace-makers We are the dreamers of dreams Walking on lively sea-breakers Sitting by flowing, living streams. World-movers and world-forsakers On whom the crystal Light gleams Yet we are the movers and shakers Of an ending world, it seems. With wonderful, meaningful ditties And out of a fabulous story We wake up the […]


Are We There Yet?

By christy Bahr / 3 years ago

Are We There Yet? I once set out on a journey Oh, so many years ago Had no idea where I was going I was just too young to know. Anxious to be at my destination My dad wasn’t going fast enough The traffic lights and many stops Made the going pretty rough. We stopped […]


Oh Little Child!

By Debra Jones / 3 years ago

Oh little child, here I am, Oh little child, Come There is no more pain, no more tears, I am here, come little child come. I will wash those hurts away, and fill your mind with peace, come little child come. Drop the anchor of your anger, and step into the realm of love, my […]


Dancing in the Spirit

By Debra Jones / 3 years ago

Dancing in the Spirit I am broken laying at your feet Listening to the rhythm of the music in my head My humble soul cries out to you Without utterance from my lips Tears flow like rivers, running down my face My heart is pained beyond comprehension My body resists movement planted firmly in place […]


Jesus Hug

By Phyllis Corbin / 3 years ago

Jesus Hug Have you ever had a “Jesus hug”, Do you know what one feels like? If you’ve never had a “Jesus hug”, I pray one day you might. A “Jesus hug” is different, As far as hugging goes; It’s a little taste of Heaven, Here on earth below. Only those who love the Lord, […]


Sounds of Life

By Lanis Johnson / 3 years ago

What was he doing, our great Gods plan? With the sound of a great mighty wind He gives life an eternal meaning for man Sweeping, washing away his sin. Staves of acclamation resound! From the recesses of the heart! With accentual stress of sounds Rhythm abounds, setting us apart. Life’s sound is a path with […]


I Find His Grace Is Still Amazing!

By Rick Musick / 3 years ago

I Find His Grace Is Still Amazing From Noah until now, From generation to generation I find His grace to be amazing, How God has always made a way. A way for man to escape His wrath, A way for man to find a love that last, A way for you and I to share […]


The Wall

By Carol Kennon / 3 years ago

A life that was torn, A heart that was marred.. Emotions that were ruined, feelings that had become hard. A determination to not relive the past. That was my plan…That was the task! Then You come into my life in quite an unexpected way. You began to break into that wall of mine the very first day. You showed […]

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