Trust In Jesus



So hopeless;
An endless task,
Groping in the darkness,
Believing it will last.
That I’ve been forsaken,
Stripped of all grace.
The whole world against me
Has mocked me in my face.
But Joshua 1:5 says,
“No man can stand against you,
And just like with Moses,
I will never forsake you.”
I know I’ve been tried;
His mercy brought me through.
He will be by your side
If you will trust in Him too.

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About the author

Brittany Uzzle

I have been raised in the truth all my life and I love serving the Lord. I don't guess I'm a very talkative person, but my words often flow better with a pen! I have felt for a while that writing is something I am meant to do and I sincerely hope to improve and follow that leading. I may not be very old, but I have been through tests and trials. However, I learned and grew stronger from every storm and am now grateful I went through them. No matter what you face, God is always there for you!