Your Victory

Victory over the Mountain

Your Victory

A mountain is standing in your way
And you don’t know what to do.
You feel defeated; You’re strength is gone.
There’s no power left in you.

You feel like giving in.
You feel like you’re through.
“Where is God,” you cry.
“Does He even know what to do?”

Take heart, have courage,
And be of good cheer.
Although you can’t believe it,
He’s very near.

Maybe He’s testing your faith,
Or seeing how much you love Him.
He knows what He’s doing;
He’ll work it out if you trust Him.

Keep trusting God
And stay in His will.
His plan will then
Be fulfilled.

Be joyous, my friend.
Trust God and be strong.
Then you’ll soon be
Where you belong.

Just over that mountain
A victory is in sight.
There your trial will be ended,
And you will have won the fight.

Quitters never
Receive a reward,
But those who keep fighting
Have joy in the Lord.

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