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Accidentally Changed

By Shayna Buchan / last year

Accidental Change My head was jolted up and down, I awakened from my slumber. My heart was beating wildly, I screamed and then went under. My eyes quickly fluttered open, Watching the snow fall to the ground. In a mass of twisted metal, The smell of death lingered around. It wasn’t real I would not believe, […]


The Creature

By Nathaniel Richards / last year

The Creature:   The pillars of life Crumble Before mine eyes. They dissolved Into a cloud Of opaque dust.   All I have saved for Is gone from me It had been rudely snatched From my grasp, It has been and will remain Stolen.   The dust which was My life, Engulfs me: Its appetite […]


The Melody Of My Soul

By Lisa Peter / last year

The Melody Of My Soul (Lyrics and Poems Vol 1, Page 7) I had 100 reasons not to pray I had so many things to do every day I had places to go I had people to see There was work to attend to Time spent on me I always meant to find the time […]


God Gave Us You

By Sharon Arnold / last year

God Gave Us You (for Pastor and Sister JosephDomingues) We turned to you as children, alone, in Nineteen Hundred Ninety-Six; We sought for love in your honored eyes, rejoiced to find reflected in our own, a new flame, and faith to dance in this new place! And what we saw in growing wonder, Our eyes […]



By Lynne Conley / last year

Stability Here are 10 ways God can be your stability in unstable times… God greets you every morning with new mercies, begin there; God has given you access to His mercy seat, pray there; God has set your feet upon a rock, stand there; God has placed you in His vine, abide there; God has […]


Last Night

By NICOLE Jones / last year

Last Night I saw a boy and it made me cry as He put His hands on His face and asked God why why did you let this happen, how could you let it go this far how could you let it get to the point where I questioned who you are You saw when […]


Don’t Give Up the Ship

By Tammy Parrish / last year

Don’t Give Up the Ship We are on the sea of life – our ship is firm and strong. We’re sailing smoothly now – but the storm will come here long So hold to your post of duty – although the storm may rip Look straight ahead and don’t look back – and don’t give […]


My Blessing!

By Debra Jones / a couple of years ago

My Blessing!   Years ago, A prayer answered, “God, Please give me one child!” Then a Blessing from God, You are so precious, Jessi! a pretty baby girl, with a pretty smile, and those cute little red curls, you are my angel, sent just for me, I will never ever let you go, You are always […]


It Does Matter

By Roger Potts / a couple of years ago

It Does Matter You thought it didn’t matter how you lived your life. You thought no one would see, or they wouldn’t care. But it does make a difference, in how you live, for God sees and knows all that we ever did. You thought you’d always have time, that God would surely wait. You […]


Ultimate Restoration

By Danielle Hollinger / a couple of years ago

I am very excited; this is my first blog entry on this website!!  I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts, dreams, experiences, and inspirations with others.  It is my hope that my words will be a blessing to others. I used to write another blog to keep family and friends updated when my husband was deployed […]

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