Him…Her…and the little boy: Love’s Sacrifices

Loving Dad

Him…Her…and the little boy: Love’s Sacrifices

Right before bedtime, he quietly slips his arms around her and the little boy,
His voice just a whisper and his lips formed into a prayer.
He asks for protection for them and for wisdom as he leads them in the ways of Truth.
He makes so many sacrifices for her and the little boy,
Sacrifices that sometimes go unnoticed and without words of appreciation.
His needs sometimes get lost in the shuffle of all that’s going on about them.
His concern is always for her and the little boy,
His favorite place in the world to be is with her and the little boy,
That means so much to Her!!!
She feels safe in his arms,
The little boy cries when he leaves for work.
He is a HERO to her and the little boy.
While his arms are wrapped tightly around her and his little boy,
She prays a prayer of her own…
She prays that he can feel their love for him!
She prays that on this night, he could know how much he means to her and the little boy.
She prays that God will always allow him to be in their life.
Her and the little boy would be lost without him!

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Carol Kennon

I am 38 years old. I don't profess to be any kind of a great writer but I enjoy writing my feelings and thoughts in blogs. I've found that sometimes we can help others come through similiar situations by sharing with them our thoughts and feelings when we faced similiar situations.