When David Would Dance


When David would dance
The people were amazed.
How could the leader of the people
Magnify God with such praise?
With his garments soaked
Did he play before the Lord.
Though his body were in pain
God’s praise he would not withhold.

But something in his heart.
Perhaps a subtle change.
He chose to take a rest
Thinking things would stay the same.
To the roof top he wandered
And on the roof top he stayed.
Even now on the roof top
He looks down and remains.

Content is he
To watch his people from there.
Ignoring the sin that is growing
Taking the people unaware.
The stagnant pool of past conviction
No one dares jump in and bathe.
While the king smiles upon them
Seemingly unphased.

Come down from the roof top, David!
Awaken and run, RUN NOW!
For the hour of rest is far past over
And the kingdom is falling down!
Pick back up your joy and dancing.
Throw away complacency!
Get amongst the people!
Strengthen your weakened knee.

When David would humble himself and pray
And turn from his wicked way
And seek the Face of the Lord.
THEN would his prayer of repentance be heard.

So what now will the king do?
Choose you THIS DAY, revive or continue.



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