God Can Hear Your Teardrops Fall


God Can Hear Your Teardrops Fall

It was one of my times in life,
When nothing seemed to be going right.
My heart was filled with heartache and strife.
I had spent some days in a cloud of despair,
Wondering why life seemed so unfair.

I stared into the emptiness,
of a dark lonely room.
Tears began to fall.

That is when His sweet Holy Spirit came,
He spoke to me, as if I heard my name.
Not a thunderous roar, nothing shook the floor.
More like a whisper,
soft, deliberate, and slow.
He said to me,
in my heart ‘I know’
“I can hear your tear drops fall.”

A God that close!
The Lord of host!
Can get that close to me?
So close He can hear my tear drops fall?
Then the tears really came,
I let them fall upon the ground
Freely giving Him my all.
All my burdens,
All my strife,
All the hurt that was in my life.
Tears of sorrow changed in me,
to tears of thankfulness.
To know my savior understands,
To thank Him for His faithfulness.

So when life is tough,
And your in a season of dreadful doubt.
When sorrow seems to brake about
Remember this as you sit alone.
The ‘Great I Am’ upon His throne,
Will bend an ear towards you!
Casting all your cares on Him,
Let your burdens fall,
Let those tears change in you,
For God can hear your teardrops too!


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