One Choice

one choice

One Choice

What were your inner feelings,
What did your tender eyes see?
What were your deepest thoughts,
When you fell down to your knees?

Did you feel hope deep down inside,
Or did you feel your doom?
When you prayed His will to be,
Knowing death was coming soon.

Did your passion push you forward,
Did you feel scared or alone?
How did you have the strength to move,
When your fate had been made known?

Did your love burn hot like fire,
Were you angry and confused?
Did you know you would be shunned,
Did you feel weary, worn, and used?

What gave you the power,
To keep walking down that road?
Toward your destination,
Where pain and death abode?

Were your tears full of sorrow,
Or were they tears of pain?
As blood ran down you haggard face,
Like drops of bright red rain.

And then I ask my feeble heart,
“Why do you ask such things?”
For I know the answer’s in your love,
And the peace and joy it brings.

You could have turned away from death,
And the needles running red.
You could have had one choice to made me pay my cost,
But you gave your life instead.



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