Sweet Surrender

what do you need

I am Amazed
At the price you paid
The love you gave
You could have turned back

You felt all our fears, knew our sins
Each and every one
You cried out; Father why do you forsake me
You cried out and no one heard

I am Amazed
That day, you hung your head
You prayed and said it is done

I am Amazed
Your love so profound
The day you hung on the cross

Now it is I, sitting here
Wanting to be so near you
A divide so wide, a mountain high
I can feel you all around
I need your touch

I am Amazed
This day, it is so simple
I bow my head to pray
I give you all my fears, I tell you all my sins
I feel your hand on my head
I give in to your sweet surrender
I cried out and you heard

I am so Amazed
Sweet surrender, fear no more
Sweet surrender, sin is gone
Sweet surrender, surrounding me evermore

I am Amazed
Thank you, Jesus, for being there
Sweet Surrender, with everlasting joy!



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