What Will You Do When Death Comes For You?


What Will You Do, When Death Comes For You?

The question I ask you,
Do you have a clue?
A clue as to what you will do,
When that moment comes and death chooses you?

Would you meet death with fear and dread,
Or could you look death in the face instead?
Knowing that death would come knocking one day,
Coming to take your soul away!

Would death come as an uninvited foe,
The one that will take you to the judge of your soul!
Or would death come as an anticipated date,
To take you to that grand eternal state?

What will you do when death comes for you?
Will you celebrate, or will you know it is to late?
To late to change your mind about him,
The one that could have saved you from sin?

What will you do when death comes for you?
Will you open the door and invite him in,
Or will you fight with all your might, until the bitter end?
Will you meet death in victory?

O’ death where is your sting?
O’ grave where is your victory?
I stand before you this day,
Knowing that Christ has conquered you both!
Knowing that Hell has no place for me,
Because Jesus my savior has pardoned, and set me free!

Death at one time was my enemy sure!
But now washed in Christ blood,
Redeemed I am pure!
So death know that I am ready when you come,
I look forward to the journey you have for me!
Knowing, when I take my last breath here,
A fresh breath awaits me over there.
Over there on that beautiful shore,
Eternally loving my savior whom I adore!

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