We Say That We Love, But What is True Love?

true love

We Say That We Love, But What is  True Love?

We say that we love, but what is love?
Real love came from Christ above.

We say that we love, but does your neighbor know it?
What good is our love if we do not show it?

We say that we care, but do we find it hard to share?
Isn’t caring shareing, and bareing another’s load?

We say that we love, but what is love?
Love is not simply words alone,
Love is not love unless shown.

True love came from Heaven above,
True love came and eased our pain.
True love came and took our shame!
True love was made manafest on Calvary.

Jesus loved the loveless,
Gave hope to the hopeless,
Washed us in His blood to make us sinless!
That is love!

Our prayer should be:
Lord, Help me to love as you have loved me.
care as you have cared,
Bare as you bared,
To do as you have done!
That would be love.


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