Wasting Time!

wasting time

I am sitting here wasting time
Wasting Precious time, as it goes by,
Not sure of who I am,
Or what is inside

Thoughts fly through my mind, careening on an endless path,
Needing a destination, going no where fast.
Soaring, watching from a distance
To keep myself safe

Afraid to stand, to step out of my box
As I crumble to bits and fall apart
Who am I this day?

I am your child.
But I do not know my path,
I cry out for you to lead me,
And I sit still and I wait

I am waiting, here, wasting time
Wasting precious time as it goes by
Not sure of who I am
Or what you put inside
Lord, Release me so I can fly

Soaring above mountains high
My gifts flowing, from the lifespring within
Lord , let me fly.



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