The Storm


The Storm

It’s a bitter-sweet emotion in the middle of a storm.
When the elements are torture and you’re trying to get warm.

You think your breath is fading; you feel you’re going to smother.
The desperation in your heart is unlike any other.

The tempest shows no mercy; the waves smash upon the ship.
Despite how much you will it, you can’t seem to shake fears grip.

The storm just keeps on raging; you hear the thunder boom.
The lightning might be bright but doesn’t take away the gloom.

You know you can’t escape it; you have to ride it out.
You put your faith in God above and clear away the doubt.

The wind fills up the sail; the rain falls upon your brow.
You gaze across the deck and see Him standing on the bow.

Just as sure as you know that the moon controls the tide.
He’ll go walking on the water, to meet you on the other side.



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About the author

Monique Bryant

The Lord pulled me out of a terrible pit when I was 26 years old. I fell at an apostolic alter and received the holy ghost. My life has never been the same since I took on the name of Jesus in the waters of baptism. I came from a horrible background of abuse and never thought I would find true peace. I will love Him until the end of time. When I think of all the people in the world and know that Christ picked me I am overwhelmed by His mercy and love. I can never repay what He did for me.