Use It or Lose It

use it or lose it

Use it or Lose It

By: Lynne Conley

Jesus often spoke in a parable to his followers. In the Biblical times if a wealthy man was going on a long journey for an extended time he would often make his trusted servants to be his representatives. When the master returned he rewarded them for their duties they completed.  One talent is worth about one- thousand dollars and a penny was worth seventeen cents back in Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, and Roman Empire. The parables that Jesus spoke about to his followers are relevant for us today. The definition of talent- is a characteristic feature, aptitude, or disposition of a person (Merriam- Webster) Jesus taught the parable of the talents. This is to help us all understand what He has given each one of us, and basically and what is expected of us. When we were born, God gave us all special gifts. These are wonderful talents He has given us. One talent isn’t better than other talents. God gives talents to us ‘’ according to our abilities’’.  Remember, if we use the talents He has given us, He will give us more. The two servants used their talents wisely. But, the third one, he hid his talent and therefore he didn’t make a profit, therefore the Lord took his talent from him and gave it to another.  The moral of the story is when the Lord gives us a talent/gift, and if we don’t use it we will lose it.  For the Lord will take what He has given to us and He will give to another.  So, whatever the Lord has given us to do for Him, we need to do it or we will lose it. Keep Smiling.



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