The Creature

the creature

The Creature:


The pillars of life Crumble

Before mine eyes.

They dissolved Into a cloud

Of opaque dust.


All I have saved for Is gone from me

It had been rudely snatched

From my grasp, It has been

and will remain Stolen.


The dust which was

My life, Engulfs me:

Its appetite is whetted.

More specifically, The Creature within

The dust had acquired A taste for me.


It was The Creature

Who knocked down The pillars

That was once my life,

But are now, Dust.


I can hear The Creature

Shriek It wishes to strike

Fear Into me, It fails to do so.

For why must I fear It?


It had already taken

What was most precious to me

What more does It Want?


I know the answer. It

The Creature! The Abomination!

Wants my soul. My Pain and Grief have

Not been tasty enough morsels for


The creature.

No, The King of the Damned

Will not rest until He has savored it,

And had devoured Me.


The Creature Is impatient,

It will not wait For the dust to clear.

No, instead, He burns the

Grasses that were the foundation

Of my life,


He will attempt to

End me in a speedy and swift fashion.

I run So that I may evade

The eager flames;


I can feel The burning heat Licked against my back.

Yet I Do not Turn Back For even in the

Surrounding Darkness That the dust brings,

There is light, The Light Is Pale but full of Pureness.


It is because Of this Beacon,

That I Run, And do so

All the faster. I hear Rage.

I smile, The Creature

Is disgruntled.


It knows, That I can

Escape It. The Light Is closer.

My legs pump faster.

The Light is nearer.


The harsh breathing

of  The Creature Is raspy, and Faint.

It is tiring of chasing me.

The cool, yet also Warming

Light tickles and Caresses My Face.


I run into it. When I do so,

A heavy bond is lifted!

I am freed! The Creature

Cannot Vex Me Any Longer.


For when I Ran into the Light,

A heavy And Restricting Door Was shut upon

The Creature and Someone

Had turned The Lock.


Now, As I enjoy the

New Comfort Known as Freedom,

I can hear The Creature Scream

In Its Chamber.

It Is locked In Darkness,

And Basks In Its Failure.



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