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Nathaniel Richards

Nathaniel Richards lives in Springfield, MO. He is currently a student at Study Middle School. He goes to church at Calvary United Pentecostal Church. He also spends most of his free time writing.


I Shall Go On

By Nathaniel Richards / a few days ago

I Shall Go On Though you vex me; I shall go on. Though you mock and persecute me; I shall go on. Though you hate me; I shall go on. Oh! You with slings and arrows of insults! Oh! You with a boiling cauldron of hatred! Oh! You who wishes me dead! I have something […]


One Nation, Under God

By Nathaniel Richards / last month

One nation, under God. Let me repeat this: one nation, under God. This statement— has been repeated in countless classrooms across the nation, it has been uttered in sports arena’s, and just about every American regardless of race, religion, or gender has said these words. But, in this time, our time, do we know—absolutely and […]