When Death Comes


It comes quickly
Even when it is expected
It steals in
And provides an ending
To some one’s story
When death comes
Hearts cry
Tears run hot
Not for the life that is gone
But for the life that is left behind
When death comes
It catches you
Even if you have waited
Holding your breath
For their last to be drawn
When death comes
Time begins again
Now divided in before
And after
Memories flash
And you reach out
To grab them
And draw them close
For the comfort they provide
When death comes
It leaves in the place
Of the life that has ended
An emptiness
That can only be filled
In eternity
When death comes
Sorrow catches you off guard
Washing over you in waves
As the voice whispers
“She’s gone, she’s gone”
And you wait
For that time
When death comes
For you.


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