An Unlikely Sacrifice


An Unlikely Sacrifice

Given unto God a most precious gift of all,
wrapped in tears and sorrow pulled from the heart; offered up to Jesus to heal the hurt.
An unlikely sacrifice
In the eyes of man
but Holy and acceptable to God.
Here I stand all my tears and
sorrows I carry, taken from my heart
and placed in my arms.
I take to God’s altar
knowing this is my sacrifice
and all that I have to give.
I give to God; wrapped in my love
and consumed by my hurt
I give knowing man could never
understand my pain.
Could never fully feel my sorrow;
so I give it all to Jesus for He
understands and He feels my agony.

It’s great to say God understand,
but it’s another thing to put your
confidence in Him.
Enough confidence to know He will
accept your sacrifice.
Have you laid your all on the altar of sacrifice?
Jesus said He will heal and make me
whole if I only laid my all
out before Him;
so I put my sacrifice on the altar
before God with out stretched arms.
I give my heartaches, and my burdens,
my shame and all of my pain
Every teardrop, every sorrow, and
whisper my heart has shared;
life’s burden to Jesus for this
I am no longer able to bear.
No more faking I’m fine
with hurt in my eyes
Not able to be happy
when sadness is all that I feel.
The weight of my hurt is more than
my heart can conceal;
So I give it all to Jesus, cause I know
He can feel all my hurts and my pain,
my misery I face; not knowing that
what I carried is too heavy for me.
Thinking I can take it one day at a time.
Each step more painful than
the step before.  Knowing God knows
but never fully putting it in His hands

So today, I give my sacrifice to God
wrapped in my sorrow, tears, and my
pain to lighten the load on my frame.
An unlikely sacrifice I give to God
like*Hannah lent Samuel to God.
I give my pain, I don’t lend it because
I can’t take it back, because it’s far
too much for me to bear.

Give your burdens to God,
wrapped in your tears, and the grief
from your heart.  The pain that you
carry belongs to God.  It’s far too
much for you to bear, but God He
waits with out stretched arms to receive
your sacrifice and to replace your
heartache, and fill that place,
the void you can’t fill, with peace and
joy that will cause you to rejoice, and
again I say rejoice forevermore.

Understand God said, “wilt thou be made
whole?”  He wants to do more
than mend your broken heart.
He wants to fill your broken heart with Love.
He wants to make you whole;
So you can be used to heal another.

Life’s burdens I carried, then I learned
to give my burdens to Jesus
for my burdens He promised to bear.
“**Wilt thou be made whole?”

*1 Samuel 1:28 **St. John 5:6

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