Dancing in the Spirit


Dancing in the Spirit

I am broken laying at your feet

Listening to the rhythm of the music in my head

My humble soul cries out to you

Without utterance from my lips

Tears flow like rivers, running down my face

My heart is pained beyond comprehension

My body resists movement planted firmly in place
Then, Oh Lord, I feel your presence, as the Holy Ghost starts to descend.

Deep inside me to places I thought were long dead.

I stand to my feet and raise my hands in praise, to your glory.

Life starts to flow, from the crown of my head to the soul of my feet.

My body swaying to the Holy Spirit, moving left to right.

Blessed and carried away to that special place.

Deep Inside, where only you and I exist, that Holy Sanctuary.

My Healing Place.

My refuge from the storm.

Trusting in your wondrous love with all my heart.

Dancing blindly as the Holy Spirit guides me.

For through you, Jesus, I come alive, I am restored.

Dancing my way crazy like David in your holy grace.

Dancing in the Spirit of Faith.

Waiting on promises buried within your word.

You Jesus, give me long overdue rest with a precious new breath.

I am broken, at your feet.

Dancing in the Spirit, rejoicing with all my might.

Thank you Jesus!

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