We Are The Peace-Makers


We are the peace-makers
We are the dreamers of dreams
Walking on lively sea-breakers
Sitting by flowing, living streams.

World-movers and world-forsakers
On whom the crystal Light gleams
Yet we are the movers and shakers
Of an ending world, it seems.

With wonderful, meaningful ditties
And out of a fabulous story
We wake up the worlds great cities
We fashion a Saviors glory.

One man with a dream, at pleasure
Has come to conquer a  thorns crown
Then twelve with a new songs measure
Trampled a fallen empire down.

We, in the following ages vying
To keep buried the past of the earth
Stand to face adversity without sighing
Creating a crystal city with our mirth



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About the author

Lanis Johnson

Married 42.7 years, three siblings, one granddaughter. A teacher off/on for over 40+ years. Retired, and a blogger on the web, myspace, as God gives the enlightenment. Member of TPC, Memphis, Tn. Pastor Terry Black.

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