Oh Little Child!

little child

Oh little child, here I am, Oh little child, Come

There is no more pain, no more tears, I am here, come little child come.

I will wash those hurts away, and fill your mind with peace, come little child come.

Drop the anchor of your anger, and step into the realm of love, my understanding surpasses all, I am here, come little child come.

I was with you in your darkest hour, I felt all your anguish, I suffered in your pain, come little child come, the time has come, to wash away your pain, come little child come.

Lay down at my feet, all that burdens your heart, lay down at my feet, those torturous thoughts, lay them at my feet, submit them to me, they are now mine to never hurt you again. Come little child come.

I will build you up, and give you a voice, that many will hear; I will build you up, That which none can tear down, I am your strength, I am your tower, I am your father.

Come little child come, hold my hand, and walk with me. I have many things to share and many things to show you. You are mine, and I will hold you forever. Come little child come, come home, Abba is here. Come little child come, I love you. My door is open , “Just Come.”



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