Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?

I once set out on a journey

Oh, so many years ago
Had no idea where I was going
I was just too young to know.

Anxious to be at my destination
My dad wasn’t going fast enough
The traffic lights and many stops
Made the going pretty rough.

We stopped for gas, we stopped for food
It seems we stopped everywhere
I took no time for scenery
I just wanted to get there
(Where ever there was)

Of the things I recall from vacation,
The one thing I’ll not forget
Is the hundred times I asked my dad,
“Daddy, are we there yet?”

Times had changed, and I was older
I took a journey of my own
I headed down a broad highway
Yet I felt so all alone

The pot-holes and the darkness
Made the going pretty rough
And no matter how I tried,
I just couldn’t do enough.

I was exhausted on that journey
My travels had left me weak
The emptiness inside me
Was oh, so very deep

I didn’t admire the scenery
Everything seemed dark and cold
I was searching for a detour
The obstacles were getting old

Of all the things on that trip
The one I’ll never forget
Is looking for a detour
And asking myself, “Am I there yet?

I then set out on a journey
With my Father at the wheel
After all I’d been through,
How refreshing that did feel.

Now of my destination
I am completely sure
And with Jesus at the wheel
I am safe and secure

I take the time to enjoy the scenery
And the blessings he gives to me
He’s in control when things go wrong
And he supplies my every need

Every once in a while
The going does get rough
But there’s no need for me to worry
For his grace will be enough

But I’m definitely not perfect
And sometimes I forget
There are times I’m tempted to ask,
“Daddy, are we there yet?”

Then he reminds me that we’ll be there soon
And the faith in me begins to rise
In my mind, I imagine him
Splitting the eastern skies!

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