Glimpses Of Glory

I ventured out to Wal-Mart late this afternoon. Not one of my favorite things on a Saturday, but of necessity, I had to brave it.

I raced around trying to complete my shopping in record time and flee the masses. After I completed checking out I headed for the exit.

It was flooding!

The alcove was crowded with people waiting for the rain to stop, so I bought myself a Coke Zero and propped myself up on my buggy to wait for it to *let up.*

Do you ever stop to think about how AWESOME the God we serve is? Sometimes you can be standing there, not expecting anything out of the ordinary to happen and you find yourself in the midst of His glory!

There are so many times in the Bible when ordinary situations turned into extraordinary moments. One that particularly comes to mind is the woman at the well. She was doing what she would ordinarily do on a day to day basis, but that day in particular she found someone waiting at her usual stop, and her life was never the same.

So, I stood in the alcove, drinking my Coke Zero, digging around in my purse for lack of something better to do, when something extraordinary happened.

A couple came in through the door with a beautiful, chubby-faced little girl wrapped in a towel to protect her from the rain. I looked at her and my heart just lit up, then I smiled at the father who was holding her and his face lit up.

“Hey, do you remember us?”

“Of course I do!”

It was a precious couple I had been the nurse for a year earlier and the beautiful baby that was the result.

“We think about you all the time. Do you remember, you prayed for her, and then she delivered the baby in just a few minutes?”

“Yes,” I said, “that is what prayer will do!”

“We still have the picture with you, we are so thankful for what you did!”

We spoke a few moments more and I invited them to church.

As soon as they walked away I headed straight for the car. I figured a little rain was not going to hurt me, and I really needed to get to my Friend.

How awesome He is to me, to take something so normal and make it incredible. I was blown away. I sat in my car and wept to the One who could love me so much, to give me something that special in the middle of a stormy, dreary day.

Isn’t that just like Him?

I have faced so many storms, so many situations where I wondered if the sun would ever shine on my life again, and suddenly, there it is, breaking though the clouds, a glimpse of His glory.

Oh, what could I ever do to show You what Your love means to me? I want my life to be a constant reflection of the praise in my heart for You. I am Yours!!

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