Dancing to the Music in Your Heart


I woke up this morning thinking about David.

David, on the day that he went to bring the ark of God home.

Can you just imagine his anticipation that day? I mean, he had tried this before and it had not been accomplished simply because he had not done things the way God had intended. But he had another chance.

And on that day David brought the ark up “with gladness” despite the past failing.

I love to read this story in 2 Samuel Chapter 6. It reminds me over and over what my responsibilities are.

The ark represented the promise of God. So many times in my own life I have been given a promise that took a while to reach fulfillment. I have had some starts and stops along the way. But the promise was still true. The PROMISE was STILL TRUE.

So, here comes King David, sacrificing (worshiping) and dancing before the Lord, not as a king, but as a man, leading in the promise.

Isn’t that an awesome illustration of exactly how God intends for us to react to His promises to us? They always come to pass in HIS time, but He expects us to worship Him before they arrive, He expects us to praise Him during the journey, ahead of the promise.

So in comes David, into the city, dancing with “all his might.” (vs. 14) He didn’t wait until the promise was fulfilled and in place. But he entered the city, before the ark “leaping and dancing before the Lord.”

And then, after the promise was in place, and after he had worshiped and sacrificed again for the fulfillment, here comes Michal, mocking, sneering. She had no care for what God had just done, only that David had made such a display of himself before everyone.

The Lord has given me promises. Sometimes it seems to me that it may take forever to see them come to pass. But I keep praising Him, I keep worshiping Him. I know He always fulfills his promises. I can relate to David’s dance.

But this morning, God wanted me to see something else. He wanted me to see David’s commitment to the promises.

Verse 21 says: And David said unto Michal, It was before the Lord, which chose me before thy father, and before all his house, to appoint me ruler over the people of the Lord, over Israel: therefore will I play before the Lord.

God chose me, that is why I worship Him.

Yes, that IS why.

Verse 22 says: AND I will YET be MORE vile than thus…

If you think THAT dance was something, you ain’t seen nothing yet!!!

So, to my opposition today, let me serve notice. I may be the only one who hears the music of the promises God has made to me, but that’s OK. I’m still going to dance. When you don’t understand, I’m going to dance. When you think me foolish, I’m going to dance. When my worship embarrasses you, I’m still going to dance. When it means nothing to you, it STILL means EVERYTHING to me.

I have a promise coming, and it’s from the Lord. And I’m holding on to it, holding on to Him, and praising Him for He DESERVES it, I know this in my heart, and when my heart plays music to Him in praise, even if I am the only one that hears, I will dance.


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