Icing On The Cake

Have you ever heard people say things that make no sense at all?  I don’t understand the saying, “Have their cake and eat it too.”  It seems to me that the only use for cake is to eat it.  And, why would someone give you a piece of cake and then be surprised that you didn’t leave it on the plate?  Another confusing adage is, “She got her Just Desserts.”  Now, I love dessert and having a meal of “Just Dessert” sounds like a heavenly banquet rather than a curse.  Staying in the sweet treat vein, here is one that makes perfect sense, “That was icing on the cake.”  Cake is wonderful on its own but slathered with icing, it’s like gravy on potatoes or fresh baked bread with butter.  Get the picture?

God always provides the very things we need but sometimes He puts a little icing on the cake.  As an update to my blog from yesterday, “When Do I Get Mine?” I would like to tell you about the icing God decorated the cake with.  It was a couple of months ago that God reminded me that He is the source of all blessings.  After repenting of my whining and praising Him for his patience, I went on with my wonderfully exciting life.  It seems that when we have an attitude of gratitude God just can’t stop pouring out the blessings or as I would like to put it, “piping it out of Heaven’s pastry bag.”

We arrived home from Florida to foot of snow in our driveway and a broken snow blower. Wading snow up to our knees we made it into the house and decided to worry about the driveway the next day which was Monday.  Steve left for work and I decided to little by little shovel my way to the street.  Enjoying my second cup of coffee, I heard a motor running in our driveway.  A neighbor was there with a 4-wheeler and a snow plow, clearing the snow, icing on the cake!  The same afternoon, I stopped by the grocery store for last minute Christmas fixins.  This was 3 days before Christmas, the store was a zoo and this is one place God is always trying to teach me a lesson in patience.  Every checkout lane was packed so I decided to brave the self-checkout and hopefully get home sooner.  As usual the self-scanner wasn’t cooperating and my groceries backed up on the belt.  A lady behind me kindly asked if she could help me by bagging my groceries.  By the time I had scanned my last item and paid the bill, my groceries were bagged and in the cart ready to be loaded in my car.  I thanked the lady and told her what a blessing she had been.  She had no idea she was icing on the cake!


I would also like to thank my sister Val, who around the same time sent a card letting me know she was praying for me; icing!  Every call and email received from my brother, Mike, is always full of encouragement and kudos; icing on the cake!  I would also like to say how much I appreciate my long distance friends, Tami, Suzanne, and Brenda.  They are always sending unexpected encouraging words through their emails and on-line comments; icing on the cake!  Of course the sweetest, gooiest icing of all is my husband Steve.  His love and support has kept me going for almost 32 years, icing on the cake!

Thank you God for always supplying the cake and adding icing though I don’t deserve it.  If you have some left in your heavenly pastry bag, I’ll take a rosette and a little more piping around the edges.


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