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Thomas Spurgeon

I'm 22, the eldest of three brothers, and I love and live the Apostolic faith. I'm also a family man. Family is indespensible, and besides God is the very innermost core of my heart. I enjoy exercising and learning, and I love to write. This year I graduate with my B.A. from Cal State Long Beach in English Literature and Creative Writing. I love living in Southern California, and am convinced that the followers of the Apostolic message are going to take over the world. But we've got work to do.


If the light of this morning had ceased to shine

By Thomas Spurgeon / a couple of years ago

If If the light of this morning had ceased to shine, If I suddenly found out I no longer had time, If my days grew long and my nights grew cold, If strong became weak and young became old, If words ceased to inspire and courage turned to fear, If your voice never again softly […]