God Gave Me A Pastor After His Own Heart

God gave me a pastor after His own heart
Who has preached to me the word of God
Right from the start
From the direction that you give
I will not depart
Thank you for being my Pastor
After God’s own heart

Thank you for being a prophet
Even when what you say seems odd
To those who don’t carry your vision
And you know that you heard from God
Preach your heart, Pastor, preach your heart
Preach it firm and straight as a rod
I need you to preach the whole Word of Truth
And talk to me for God

Thank you for being a priest
And showing me how to be free
Thank you for giving my family direction
So we can be the best for God we can be
Thank you for being faithful
And when on this journey I can’t see
Please hold me up before the throne
And talk to God for me

Thank you for being loyal
You truly are an anointed Mighty Man
Thank you for letting God use you
For walking with Him hand in hand
I want you to know I love you
I will do whatever I can
Pastor, when you draw the line
It’s on your side of that line that I stand


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