What are our time wasters?

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What are our time wasters?

Lately, I have been asking myself . . .

“Why does it seem like I didn’t get anything done today?”

“Where did the day go?”

“What did I get done?”

It is easy, due to the rapid evolution of technology, to get sucked into so many different things: computers, cell phones, the internet, mp3 players, texting, and IMing, just to name a few. Then throw in all the old stand-bys: magazines, newspapers, books, etc. Top that off with the evolution of the new connection websites (such as this very one).

Many times, by the end of the day, I find myself wondering what I accomplished.

Not that any of these things are bad, in and of themselves. I am quite a frequent flier at many of these activities. In fact, many of them are necessary to survive in our technologically advanced world. But I find myself frustrated when I do not accomplish what I had hoped to by the end of the day. (And just to throw it in there, why are the things that are supposed to make our lives quicker and easier the things that frequently take up the most of our time?)

I am wondering if there is a point where I must ask myself, “Have any of these things taken away time that I could have used for God? Did I spend time with Him before spending time on what I wanted to do?”

Don’t get me wrong. I believe God can use these very things as a venue for ministry. Multiple times I have been able to minister to a friend in need via technology (such as by texting or sending an email). Numerous times I have been touched by an article or blog posted online. And by the very use of my time to write this article and post it online, I am admitting that these things have their time and place.

Maybe my suggestion (and I say this the strongest to myself) is that we set priorities; we spend time with God first and seek His will for the day before turning to other things that might consume our time. For myself, this would mean, among many other things, instead of checking my phone first thing in the morning when I roll out of bed, stopping to say a quick prayer to start the day instead. Or instead of checking my email and everyonesapostolic account five or ten times a day, maybe I could set aside a small amount of time each day to do things once. Or instead of spending hours reading a book, I could spend time reading God’s love letter to me. I know this would allow me to accomplish things that are more important and have a far greater eternal significance.

For each of you, it may be different things. Only you know what has the potential to become a problem time consumer for you.

Mostly, I just wanted to share what I felt God has been dealing with me about.

And I promise I am going to start changing my time consumption habits today.

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