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Rachel Quam

I am a person who is passionate about life and about my two young girls. I graduated from CLC in Stockton, CA in 2004 with a Bachelor's in Biblical Studies. I love photography, family, friends, reading, music, being near any body of water, and shopping and selling on Ebay, just to name a few things. Whatever I enjoy, I put my heart into. I don't believe in being half-hearted about anything. I live on the basis of this knowledge: that God alone holds the universe in the palm of His hand.


Does God Really Forgives?

By Rachel Quam / a few months ago

Have you ever wondered . . . . If God is omniscient (all-knowing), how can it be that He forgives our sins? Doesn’t the act of forgiving include forgetting? Has it not been said that God remembers our sin no more? Indeed, it has been said that God no longer remembers our sin. In His […]


What are our time wasters?

By Rachel Quam / 9 months ago

What are our time wasters? Lately, I have been asking myself . . . “Why does it seem like I didn’t get anything done today?” “Where did the day go?” “What did I get done?” It is easy, due to the rapid evolution of technology, to get sucked into so many different things: computers, cell […]


We’ll give this a try…

By Rachel Quam / 10 months ago

We’ll give this a try… I really enjoy writing and have had my articles published in different magazines (The Conqueror & IBC Perspectives). I thought I would try posting some articles and/or blogs on here and see what the response was. Hopefully, something I post will be a help to someone. I believe that God gives […]


An Un-biased Newspaper?

By Rachel Quam / a couple of years ago

Most people know and understand that our media is not neutral, and in fact, usually takes a pretty harsh stand against Christians. However, this is over the top. I received this information via email today and I thought it was worth passing along. If any of you subscribe to the below-mentioned newspaper, I would strongly […]