Our Treasure Chest

a treasure chest

Our Treasure Chest

Psalms 135:4

For the LORD hath chosen Jacob unto himself,

and Israel for his peculiar treasure.

The natural eye can only see

The here and now around you and me

It takes an eye of faith to view

All that’s real and all that’s true

Sometimes a child can view it best

Their faith hasn’t wavered from too many tests

And what they see is what they say

If we’ll listen God can talk to us that way

From the lips of a child He’ll speak to you

And completely change your point of view

We see a casket as a place of dread

But it’s totally different in a little child’s head

To them it doesn’t hold dread or fear

If you listen the casket to you will be dear

A child sees it different than you and me

When I heard what Cody said, I had to agree

It’s not just a box they put us in

If you’ll think it over you’ll begin to grin

Psalm 135 verse 4 says it best

It shows that a coffin is really a chest

Stay with me before you start to frown

It’s a chest we put down in the ground

What’s in that chest is without measure

In that chest is a Peculiar Treasure

We’ve laid our loved one in this chest

We trust the Lord to do the rest

A Treasure Chest is what you see

I told you that you would agree

We’re laying our treasure up in a place

Where we’ll get it back at the end of our race

Come dear Jesus, Judah’s Lion

Take our Treasure to you’re Zion

About the author

Marc Wood

I live in South Georgia with my wife Angie and our 3 children Jessi, Tana, and Tyler. We attend Truth Harbor Apostolic Church where the Rev. Ben Weeks is our Pastor. We are truly a blessed family.