Get Past The Veil

But into the second went the high priest alone once every year, not without blood, which he offered for himself, and for the errors of the people: (Heb 9:7).

Would you believe that God did a lot of things in the old testament to be used fully in the new testament?  The bible clearly states that the old testament is a type and shadow of things to come in the new testament.  The new testament church that began on the day of Pentecost in Jerusalem didn’t have the new testament because they were the new testament just as we are.

In the temple of the Lord the tabernacle I should say there were three levels in which a high priest had to go through in order to get to just the veil itself.  He had to first be at the “Brazen Altar” (signifying sacrifice of repentance or giving up of ones self) then he had to enter into the tabernacle itself into the “Holy place” (signifying the meeting of two wills God’s divine light and the light of men where the priest learns and does submit himself to the will of God and is cleaned up and prepares with the blood and incense) and of course the last place where it is all about God’s will being triumphant the “Holy of Holies” (signifying the omnipresent God’s dwelling place and mercy seat).

When the priest entered into that place just outside the veil he had blood in one hand and incense in the other in which he could not by any means let touch the ground.  The veil was a high curtain made of scarlet material (Ex 36:35) and was 3 inches thick as taught and proven by Jewish tradition and Rabbi’s.  When they stood before the veil it presented a problem because the fabric was thick and it was heavy and he could not put down the materials he held.  There was no opening to the veil so he could not just walk in.

The priest had gone as far as he could go, and the rest was up to God.  The spirit of the Lord and it has always been taught among the Jews to this very day that the spirit of God would then transfer the priest from one side of the veil to the other side.  Because on the side of the veil where Jesus lives all logic and reasoning cease to exist and its all about him.  Just as in the place of the mercy seat it was God’s divine light that illuminated the place so that the priest could apply the blood and let the incense be up before the Lord.

What’s my point?  My point is just this the veil and all that was behind it was God’s world but on the other side it all pertained to the way of the flesh and moving through levels in order to reach God.  Jesus operated in the spirit all the time allowing the flesh to follow after the spirit that was within him.  He never let the flesh lead him at anytime but always operated in that realm on the other side of the veil.

We limit ourselves so much on this side of the veil and yet we think we will go up in the rapture, but as a preacher Bro. Morgan I heard say, “If its keeping you out now don’t think when the rapture comes you’ll get in then.”  The point he was making is valid.  We have to get past the veil and get into the realm of God where human logic, reasoning, predjudices, and feelings have no meaning there.  That is why Paul, Jude, James etc. emphasized praying in the Holy Ghost because in our flesh we pray for the materialistic things but in the realm of the spirit when we speak in tongues and allow God to operate he takes over the vocal cords and the spirit cleanses us with the fresh application of the blood of Jesus and we pass through the flesh… and into the realm of the spirit.  By the way you couldn’t get through the veil if you were unholy, that is why no priest ever died in the Holy of Holies.  Because in the presence of God logic and reasoning cease to exist and God’s ways rule and no sin could get to God so you stood on the otherside and stayed if you were unholy.  It works that way with us in prayer that is why we have to repent otherwise we stay where we are.

Remember 1 Peter 2:9 ” You are a chosen race, a royal priesthood and a holy people…”  Therefore if we are just that then we have the power now that the priest had then.  We can now approach the Holy of Holies in prayer and as we get deep in it we once again allow God to do what he did then take us from this realm into the realm of the spirit where he resides and lives in all freedom.  Too many of us only operate in emotionalism only and never get past either the Brazen Altar (always just asking for forgiveness) or we never get past the Holy Place (getting clean but never going further).  To walk and talk with God is deeper because we who were baptized in the name of Jesus and filled with his Holy Ghost are called up higher.

Jesus is looking for those who will just do what they’re supposed to do and that is walk, talk, and worship him and minister in his stead to him.  Lets Get past the Veil and into that deep dark place where only the light of God illuminates and guides our eyes, mouth, feet, hands, and mind.  In the end his ways are all that matters and his coming is so soon that I encourage us all to be transfigured (figuratively) from this veil of flesh through to the place where Jesus dwells between the cheribums and awaits for you to have just a little talk with him.

Jesus bless you all.


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