When Fear Tastes Good!

fear tastes good

“The angel of the LORD encampeth round about them that fear him, and delivereth them. O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him”Ps 34:7-8

Picture this in your mind. Go ahead, close your eyes for a second and pretend it is early morning. Do not peek yet, you are walking to your window. Now you are pulling back the curtains and opening the blinds. Ok, go ahead open your eyes and look at the sunrise to the east, marvel at its beauty. While you are looking, also notice that the enemy’s army surrounds you!

I know what a surprise! Not really, what you would expect on your first glimpse of a new day, but that is what the servant of Elisha saw that day.

Then when he ran in fear to Elisha, his eyes opened enabling him to see the army of the Lord encamped around the enemy.

How many times has this happened in our lives? We wake to a new day and our first glimpse is the beauty of the day. Yet as the sleep clears, we look to see the enemy of our souls surrounds us. Pressures are on one side and failures are on another side! The past looms behind us while the future stands as a monster in front of us! This is a good time to taste fear!

Oh, I am not talking about fear as in being terrified of our enemy. I am not even talking about being afraid to look the future in the face. I am talking about fear as in respect and reverence in the power and ability of the God you rely on for your refuge.

The Psalmist said to “…taste and see…” He is challenging us to notice something that escapes many peoples attention. He invites us to get an understanding of the faithfulness and goodness of God. Come on; just take a brief, simple preview of what God can do!

We need to understand and recognize that when we fear or deeply respect God He will respond to us. There is protection for those who hold God in high regard. Yes, our enemy might surround us but we need to remember that his enemy surrounds our enemy and his enemy is greater than our enemy is. (Say that 3 times very fast!) Kind of as my dad is bigger than your dad is.

Therefore, each morning, just before you open the blinds to your new day, stop and have a taste of fear! You will find the Lord is good…

It’s just a thought!

God Bless…


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