Sowing The Word – Not Merely Eating

Sowing The Word - Not Merely Eating

What do you think of when you hear the term sowing seed?  Many times we immediately think of sharing the good news with those around us.  In Luke 8:11-15, Jesus used this illustration to teach His followers what sometimes occurs when people hear the Good News.  Often, a crop isn’t produced because variables such as unbelief, trials, and worries prevent the seed from growing to fruition.  These same variables can also keep those of us who are established in our faith by producing a significant harvest.

Unfortunately, these aren’t the only tactics Satan uses to stunt growth in the church.  As believers, we often hear the Word come forth and we are greatly moved.  We immediately acknowledge where the message should be applied and we have good intentions of making necessary changes to our lives.  But somehow days and weeks go by and we are for the most part still unchanged in that area.  Growth is halted because we are eating the seed instead of sowing it in our lives.

Many times we think we have accepted a message because we were so moved by it.  The Word of God fills our spiritual stomachs and gives us temporary satisfaction. But the fruit that is expected as a result of our hearing is not produced. Sometimes we don’t even realize that we have eaten the seed rather than sowing it.

In impoverished countries, relief organizations are hard at work teaching farming methods to inhabitants so they will learn to be self-sufficient.  One organization explained a serious problem faced in doing relief aide.   One of the most frustrating things is that in villages where they receive the seed, they often eat the seed rather than planting it and bringing forth the harvest.   Although it meets the hunger for a few hours, the intended long-term benefits are completely lost.  In a spiritual sense, we often do the exact same thing.

How can we listen as our pastor teaches how Christ has forgiven our sinful pasts and sobbed with gratitude over His grace, yet remain in bondage to condemnation?  Because we ate the seed instead of sowing it.  How can we be challenged to mature past petty offenses toward our brothers and sisters in Christ and we determine to forgive and forget, yet deep down we remain bitter and testy?  Because we ate the seed rather than sowing it.  How can we be exhorted to forcefully advance the gospel and we consciously make plans to do so, but our daily lives show no evidence that the plans have been put into action?  Because we ate the seed instead of sowing it

God’s Word is meant to be applied to our realities, not just our theologies.  We can’t just think over a message, we must begin to work the message into the way we live.  By sowing the seeds we actively apply it to the real-life situations in our lives.  Sowing requires a focused and extended effort.  What actions have you taken to apply the messages we have heard from your pastor in the last month?  Take another inventory and begin sowing the seed until you produce a permanent change   Sowing isn’t always easy but, if you do the work, God has promised to produce a bountiful harvest in your life.

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