The Race


The Race

Has any saint of God attained perfection in the Lord? Is someone holding out their hand expecting a reward? Has anyone retired, and now resting from their labor? Is everything in order? Have you fully pleased the Saviour? If you scored your walk with God what would you confess? on a scale from one to ten; (ten being the best). Well, I have to make it plain that no one has ‘arrived’. For we wrestle every day; we struggle and we strive. To do all we know how to do in living for the Lord. To ‘Love thy neighbor as thyself’, and live on one accord. For if the righteous scarcely win that silver-plated cup; what happens to those slothful saints who just could not keep up? Now we all are in this race; some are faster than others. But we all are on in Christ as sisters and as brothers. As we run with patience it won’t hurt to take the time and help those who have slowed their pace and fallen way behind. For we’re running every day; By David Nunley this long and rugged race and hope to one day see our Lord; His warm and smiling face.

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