The Bird

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The Bird

It all started one warm day in spring.  There I was minding my own business watering my many berry plants, and there he was the bird.  A determined, stubborn, relentless and fearless little bird to be exact.

I stood there with the hot sun beating down on my thirsty berries.  I was giving them their daily drink of cool, refreshing water when I glanced over and noticed this crazed little bird staring me down.  He walked closer to the garden with beady little eyes and a cold look on his little face.  Was he wondering if the berries were ripe?  Were there small little insect delicacies awaiting his pallet?  Or was there another reason?  The theme song to mission impossible raced through my mind.  I slowly lowered the hose in my hand and adjusted the nozzle for the heavy stream, aimed at the little bird and blasted him!  But, wait, instead of flying away, he just quickly walked out of range.  I couldn’t believe it!  He just walked away.  At every attempt, he would walk away and sometimes add a little chirp and raise his wings, as if to say, “Is that all you’ve got?”  I would spray the berries for  little while, the bird would walk closer and we’d start our little game all over again.  I would spray and chase him and he would walk only as far as my hose could reach.  A smart little thing I’d have to give him that.

For days this little charade would go on, until one day Mr. Bird called for reinforcements, another bird that looked exactly like him was flying overhead.  I looked at the one on the ground and sprayed as far as I could and they spray overhead so that the one who flew overhead could not peck me on the head.  I rolled on the ground with my only weapon to attack whatever happened by.  (Just kidding, I’m not that dramatic).  I thought maybe the other would dive down, but instead, it sensed my determination to blast whatever danger came my way, and so this one landed in my husbands dump trailer nearby.  You are probably asking yourself this very moment, “Isn’t this a little juvenile for a grown woman?”  The answer to that question is Yes, but he started it. In Genesis 1:26 it states, “Let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air and over the cattle.” It is obvious that Mr. Bird has never heard nor read Genesis and if he has he certainly does not care.

You see a few years ago my mother noticed a nest in a tree in her backyard.  My father asked if he should shoot the bird for safety reasons, and of course, my tenderhearted mother said, “No, that is not necessary.”  Well, one day she was mowing the lawn and the mother bird jetted out of her nest like a rocket.   She was flying around my mother and started to peck her on the head.  As the bird was chasing my mother, her arms flaring all about her, she was screaming, “Thomas, shoot it, shoot the bird!!!!”   Needless to say, my heroic father shot the terrible and evil blackbird.  I sight to behold, that I am sure.   This completely explains my bird tactics today.  There is no way I am going to let this little bird in my garden peck me on the head!

As I was walking from the garden to the church. . .  (Yes It’s sad, but this all takes place on church property in which my husband pastors.  I certainly am started to wonder what those who pass by are thinking of this crazed woman with a garden hose. ) I was wondering, “does this sort of thing happen to everyone?”  I was chuckling to myself and knew that I had to write this story down.  I wanted to know what kind of bird I was dealing with so I first called my father, but he was no help in that area.  Although he did mention that some birds lay their eggs on the ground.  There is some high grass on the fence line and thus I suppose there could be a nest there that the little bird was protecting.  I do say that these birds are not the smartest of their kind.  A passing lawn mower could demolish their little family.  He, of course, advised me to shoot the bird.  I have to admit that the thought did cross my mind to grab my husbands BB-gun and shoot the little pest, but what fun would that be?  And those poor little baby chicks would have no more ma’ma bird.  Then I called my friend Mary Olson, she got a bird book and after telling her what the little guys or gals description she told me it was a Killdeer.  Crazy name for a bird, but I guess they get their name from their bird call sound.  Some say it sounds like they are saying kill deer.  I think that they are as crazy as the bird, because I don’t think it sounds like that, but whatever, they had to name them something.

You know, I sit here thinking that this little Killdeer is somewhat like the Devil.  He is persistent and determined.  Just as that little bird would only go as far as my hose would reach, so the Devil will always be sitting at the edge of your defenses.  As soon as you are not watching that little Devil will walk closer trying to get as close to you as he can.  You glance over and notice him coming get again and shoot with prayer, and of course, he only moves as far as you can shoot.  He is not dumb by any means and relentless as well.  He will never stop trying to find that window of opportunity to try and peck you on the head.  That is why it is always important to stay prayed up and your defenses at the ready.  Prayer keeps you connected to the water supply. /Add fasting to the equation and your reach gets longer.  Add the name of Jesus Christ and you have just blasted him.  He will keep trying until the day he is forever locked up and we will continue our little charade with him until the rapture.  So, keep your hoses attached to your water supply, fast to make your hose longer and blast the Devil and his pesky little entourage ( I think that’s how you spell it?)  with the name of Jesus Christ.

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