Prayer For All Needs


Prayer For All Needs

Abba Father I come now in the name of Christ Jesus, I humble my heart and I
command my will to align with Your will and my mind I gird up and I come to You
my source. I love You Father and I trust You and more than anything I love You.
I know You are My Redeemer, My deliverer and My everything. Father hear my heart
and may my words bring You great joy. Father God I bring You my praise for You
are the Great God of Creation and by Your words You spoke and all things came to
be. You have been faithful Father when the storms came You raised me up when my
head was bowed low, You sent a joy that overshadowed the trouble and for this I
am grateful. When my heart was broken by life experiences, You put me back
together again. In You my King I do rejoice for without You I would have no
peace or joy, because true peace comes from You alone. Father when this world
let me down and a friend could not be found, hidden in my secret place You were
there and You wrapped Your arms about me and I found true comfort and my best
friend. You are here when I need anything and I come to You in prayer and read
your word and Your Holy Spirit begins to set my heart to praising and my feet to
dancing. You O’ Lord Adonia have never let me down. I can trust You when
everything else fails, You empower me with Your strength and You lead me in Your
ways. You do not always remove the thorn of my flesh, but You teach me to walk
through and to let the walls fall down that have hindered me and mine. You have
been my greatest gift and Your friendship and love have led me through the
terrible times and even now I know that to live is to be at work for You but to
die is to gain eternal life with You, my main objective.

Father I lift each saint, man, woman and child before You, I ask You to
intervene and let our hearts treasure be found on solid ground. Father may the
homeless find a warm place to rest their heads. The elderly have warmth in their
homes and each to have clothes, shoes upon their feet for warmth and may their
hunger be filled. Father for those alone and without a friend be their friend
and encourager as You have been mine. Touch them with Your warm embrace and
shine upon their face. For those who are struggling in this world, supply every
need. For those hurting relieve them from all pain, physically, spiritually an
emotionally. For those who are in life dangering situations right now, father
especially those who do not know You as Lord, give them another chance and
please Abba don’t let them leave this world without knowing you.

For those who have lost children, aborted children and those that have been
estranged from children, tonight call unto them and draw them unto You. Abba for
those who have lost spouses and some through death and others through divorce,
hear their cries tonight and heal their brokenness, renew them, restore them and
heal them. For the families who lost homes and jobs let them find employment and
restore them to a home. Abba for everything the enemy has stolen restore it and
make the wasted land flourish in You. Father for those who have stood for
relationships to be restore and truly have sought You and lived by Your word,
bless them and let restoration come forth. Let hearts change and let each be
renewed in their lives first with You and then one another. Let righteousness
prevail and let truth come forth and let them see the joy of their salvation.

Father help the missionaries and meet their needs. Give them wisdom, grafted in
love and boldness to speak Your truth. Abba help them to be strong in You,
unwavering and preaching the unadulterated word of God and may You confirm the
word with signs, wonders and miracles.

Father for the men and women who are sick and no one to care for them, make away
and send them the help they need. Abba I feel so helpless sometimes wanting to
do more, but it is not within my power and that is when I hear You say I can
pray. Father not only sending them a caregiver but let them know You are there
and that You will raise them up. Father let every disease in the Body of Christ
bow its knee and whither and die and Go from their body’s. Let every basic cell
of life, the building blocks be restored that makes up the tissues and the
tissue that make up the organs . Abba Father awaken these and empower them with
healing flowing through every body part and let Your be people be made. Abba
every need meet in Jesus name according to your will Jesus t. If any have
hindered healing or prayer with sin, forgive them and raise them up. In Jesus
name I speak the blood still stands and will stand forever. Thank You Father for
hearing me. Thank You for answering and I know You will be glorified and receive
the praise and honor You alone deserve as You move into each circumstance and
need. Be glorIfied

Lord lead many to this wonderful truth of Jesus name and save their souls. Lord,
open the windows of heaven and pour down upon each one today your Holy Spirit
and we praise you and magnify your holy name

in Jesus Name amen


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