Have You Ever Felt Lonely?


Did you ever feel rejected?  Did the loneliness ever overwhelm you?   Did you hurt when those you had poured yourself into did not have time for you in your hour of need?  Do you ever wish someone would take the time to call but everyone’s to busy for even a hello?  What went through your mind when finding the disciples asleep, you asked them if they could just pray with you for one hour, only to return to find them asleep once again?  Were you relieved after asking if the disciples would also leave, Peter answered, “Where would we go, you have the words of eternal life?”  How it must have hurt when a few days or weeks later, it was Peter who denied even knowing you.  As you looked down from the cross, did you wonder why you were alone?  Where were the ones you had healed, the 5,000 you had fed, the dead you had raised; surely a few would remain in support of your ministry.  Did you ever feel lonely? You were God, you saw the end; you knew the rest of the story.  Did you really feel lonely?

Sometimes I feel so alone and rejected.  Those I’ve reached out to are too busy to give an hour of their time, yet when they have a need, I’ll still answer, I’ll still take time to love them and pray with them.    Is this what it means to know you in the fellowship of your suffering?   My trials seem so small compared to what you suffered, please show me the victorious end.  Remind me that you have a plan for me, that all things work for good to them who love the Lord and are the called according to His purpose.  Please give me just a glimpse of your purpose.  Assure me that you will open a door that no man can shut, and then set me in view of the door.  Let me hear that still small voice say, “It’s going to be worth it all some beautiful happy day.”  Help me get through tonight because tomorrow is a new day and your mercy is new every morning.  Once again God, have you ever felt lonely?


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